Boots owner charges NHS £1,500 for a SINGLE £2 pot of moisturiser

Boots owner charges NHS £1,500 for a SINGLE £2 pot of moisturiser: Walgreens demands extortionate bill for a ‘specially mixed skin cream’ prescribed regularly around the UK

  • Walgreens Boots Alliance billed health bosses £1,579 for skin ointment
  • 500ml tub is regularly prescribed across Britain for just £1.73, probe finds
  • BCM Specials sold the ‘specially mixed skin cream’ to the NHS in 2016
  • Drug is among ‘specials’ tailor-made for patients with skin conditions

The NHS has been charged more than £1,500 for a single pot of moisturiser which were sold elsewhere for less than £2, it was revealed today.

The owner of high street chain Boots billed health bosses £1,579 for a 500ml tub of skin ointment which is regularly prescribed across Britain for just £1.73.

BCM Specials, which was owned at the time by Boots’s parent firm Walgreens Boots Alliance, sold the ‘specially mixed skin cream’ to the NHS in 2016.

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10 thoughts on “Boots owner charges NHS £1,500 for a SINGLE £2 pot of moisturiser

  1. This is what happens when people who have zero business experience are put into positions of responsibility in an organ of the state.
    Anyone with a modicum of business or commercial experience would question such an exorbitant sum for a pot of cream whether ‘specially mixed’ or not.
    God preserve us from bureaucrats.


  2. Coming from two individuals with UKIP connections, a political party that has mismanaged its finances to the point that it is about to go bust, makes their comments on the NHS/Boots post laughable.


  3. Albion firstly please don’t hid your identity if you want to have a go at two people who have the courage to be identified when they make a comment on this site that just shows what a coward you really are but gives you the right credentials to be a Labour mouth piece
    Secondly what have I or the other person you refer to got to do with the financial situation UKIP have found themselves in.
    And for your information when I resigned from UKIP and Chaiman of the Rotherham Branch of UKIP they were very solvent and had a healthy balance in their resources
    So I think the Laughabl comments are made by you
    And just one correction to your comments EX UKIP CONNECTIONS


  4. Reality is each person or organisation that deal with this are making some kind of money somewhere.
    These big fat cats live on you scratch my back and I will scratch your back.
    Deals and contracts are based on back handers and that is why nobody hears about the extortionate expenses until someone either does the research or is screwed and then word gets out.
    No worries Joe blog the tax payer will pay for it while the rich get richer.


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