Council tax increases for working Rotherham families

WORKING families on council tax support face an average £170 bill increase after council bosses agreed cuts to save £536,000.

Rotherham Borough Council said it was protecting the most vulnerable by raising the taper rate, meaning those earning more lose out.

It will mean an average increase of £170 a year from April for those above the 30 per cent taper — rather than a much smaller rise for all.

Opposition leader Cllr Allen Cowles said: “Protecting people from taxation is a noble act.

Read on…,council-tax-increases-for-working-rotherham-families_25467.htm

4 thoughts on “Council tax increases for working Rotherham families

  1. RMBC ask folk to pay more and whilst I dislike their decision the rationale behind it seems plausible.

    However, to then not spend that money on services to protect Rotherham residents is crazy.

    Fire cover at Rotherham is at a dangerous level….this rise seems to spit in the face of every Rotherham resident.

    Labour should get its act together.


  2. I’d rather go to prison than pay the wages of the lying, feckless, paedophile enabling, lazy, cheating filth that infests Riverside House.


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