Jeremy Corbyn pledges rebirth of ‘municipal socialism’ in the UK

Jeremy Corbyn pledges rebirth of ‘municipal socialism’ in the UK

Labour leader urges councils to reverse privatisation of public services while defending party’s intervention in Haringey

Jeremy Corbyn is to promise to bring back “municipal socialism” to the UK, while defending Labour’s decision to ask one of its local councils to halt a controversial public-private housing scheme.

In a speech to party councillors on Saturday, the Labour leader will say it is crucial for local authorities to reverse the privatisation of public services, pointing to cases where councils are already “taking measures to bring services back in-house and reject costly PFI-style models”.

He will say this is happening at a time when the “whole edifice of the ‘private good, public bad’ dogma has crumbled” and Labour councils are leading the way in protecting the public from austerity.

“With amazing creativity in the toughest of times, we are seeing the first shoots of the renaissance of local government for the many, not the few – the rebirth of municipal socialism,” Corbyn is to say.

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Haringey Labour’s Momentum-inspired policy plans revealed

The London borough of Haringey looks set be one of the first places in the UK where the kind of socialist policies advocated by Jeremy Corbyn-support group Momentum could be put into action. What can residents expect?

Haringey Labour Party has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons – de-selections, division, denunciations.

But soon it may come under scrutiny more for policies than its internal processes.

Opponents of Jeremy Corbyn say it will become the first Momentum council after May’s local elections.

Momentum is, of course, the left-wing campaign group set up after Mr Corbyn’s initial victory as Labour leader to keep the spirit and politics of his campaign alive.

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