Momentum plots to hijack ‘democracy review’ and purge moderate councillors

Momentum plots to hijack ‘democracy review’ and purge moderate councillors

Hard-left activists are demanding “all-member” votes to elect council leaders in a move that could usher in a wave of Haringey-style purges of traditional Labour councillors in favour of Momentum candidates.

Supporters of the hard-left campaign group Momentum are plotting to hijack Labour’s “democracy review” to tighten their stranglehold on the party.

Its members say the review is an opportunity to “fundamentally remake” the party by making it more “accountable” to its hard-left base. A document circulating among Momentum members online calls for co-ordinated submissions to the review demanding “all-member” votes to elect council leaders and deputy leaders.

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Labour welcomes back banned activists and Holocaust denier

Momentum’s control of the party’s ruling body is allowing the return of a hotchpotch of expelled radicals and former election rivals

A Holocaust denier and a leading member of Militant during its takeover of Liverpool council are among a first wave of expelled hard-left activists who have been readmitted to the Labour Party, it can be revealed today.

A leak from Labour headquarters shows the extent of the resurgent left’s control over the party after recent elections to its governing body, where Momentum candidates won a “clean sweep” of new positions.

Activists have been allowed to rejoin despite still belonging to organisations “proscribed” by Labour — including a Trotskyist group, the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty. Others stood against Labour for hard-left parties as recently as 2016.

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7 thoughts on “Momentum plots to hijack ‘democracy review’ and purge moderate councillors

  1. Welcome for rmbc and area.
    Theres too many new labour cllrs purporting to be labour for advancement or gravy train.
    Too many rmbc cllrs flying under flag of convenience.
    If this was a tory area you wud probly get some of same people. Too many of current crop certainly not socialist or real labour values.


    • Bring it in, I hav to watch Sasnome and his cronies making a mess of swinton in it for what they can get, sticks his hand up to pass every cut back under his nose Swinton is going to the dogs


  2. Change we should have grabbed long before now. Holocaust denial is put beside the labour party constantly, like à full stop, ooh hes a holocaust denier and thats all you need to know. There was great suffering a century ago. Many people, many faiths.But one is better than the rest. Everyone else in the world is collateral damage, is that rascism? I thought that were rascism, When children were abused as the pedos werent looked into because of rascism.


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