South Yorkshire Police ask for maximum increase possible for council tax precept

South Yorkshire Police has asked for the maximum increase possible for the portion of council tax spent on policing.

The county’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings asked for a £12 increase per year for a Band D property – the maximum permitted by the government.

Most properties in South Yorkshire are in lower bands, meaning the increases will be £8 per year for a Band A property and £9.33 for those in Band B.

Dr Billings said during public consultation exercises, 80 per cent of residents said they were prepared to pay more for policing but would expect to see more officers in communities and an improvement in the 101 telephone service used to report non urgent incidents and to speak to officers.

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Cash awarded to help Rotherham’s Roma girls understand dangers of child sexual exploitation

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has awarded a £4,667 grant to help Roma girls living in Rotherham understand the dangers of child sexual exploitation.

Dr Alan Billings awarded the cash to the Clifton Learning Partnership to help Roma girls in Eastwood learn about child sexual exploitation and how to avoid unhealthy relationships.

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Louise Haigh: Why police cuts are unsustainable in Yorkshire

WHEN the most recent crime figures were released, they revealed that recorded crime had risen at the fastest rate for a generation. The last time our communities suffered a surge on this scale was in 1992, the year of Black Wednesday.

In Yorkshire and the Humber, overall crime is up by 18 per cent, which is more than the national average. Violent offences have risen by a staggering amount – by a third across the region. Although, worryingly, in South Yorkshire that figure is closer to two thirds. Domestic burglary, harassment and stalking offenses and public order offences have also risen alarmingly across the region.

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Maximum rise for South Yorkshire Police precept

SOUTH Yorkshire’s police precept will increase by the maximum allowed this year, the region’s commissioner has confirmed.

The rise is equal to £12 per year for a band D property — and £7.3 million will also be taken from the force’s reserves.

The Government announced in December that South Yorkshire Police would receive a central grant of £186.4 million in 2018/19.

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6 thoughts on “South Yorkshire Police ask for maximum increase possible for council tax precept

  1. Billings needs the extra cash to waste on failed court cases and legal costs and employing his Labour mates in deputy jobs
    One thing is for sure it will not go on front line policing whare it is desperately needed


  2. We in Dinnington were promised a return to neighbourhood policing, we have a 22 year old novice our crime rate is going up, and this numpty wants us to pay more. I don’t remember any public consultation, just another lie from a police force that is steeped in a culture of lies and cover ups.
    Dave Smith


  3. A good way to inject more money into our overstretched police service is to dismiss Billing’s and all his other hangers on which will save £250,000+ pa.


  4. It pays for Eastwoods police patrols……and Xinsider …I and no one I know has been consulted ..were I live the only time you will see the police is when a motorist commits an offence …the other day I saw MVS recovery (who have contract with police for taking cars with no insurance etc ) and three police cars were at the scene THREE what a waste of money …you would be lucky if one would turn out to a burglary within 24 Hrs.


  5. Anyone noticed that the Chief Constable is very selective when it comes to meeting the public?
    Non of those areas where the public have an issue with the lack of police, leave that one well alone, only the better off, well healed areas of the county are good enough for this planning for his a fat cat pension Chief Constable.

    Out of touch with the day to day reality of living on housing estates ruled by feral youths, town centres rich pickings for petty thieves,widespread vandalism and a near total absence of visible policing, and they want an increase in funding, a new senior command team would be better value.

    He may speak with a condescending manner and that would be enough to fool Billings to thinking that he is cut above the plebs, well as an effective police officer I have seen more get up and go in a RMBC Labour Cllr, and that is going some.

    The good news is that he will be gone within two years, to play golf, write a book on the horrors of SYP and laugh all the way to the bank.

    Public consultation, what public consultation?


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