EU wants to restrict single market access to UK

The European Union wants to be able to restrict the UK’s access to the single market if there is a dispute after Brexit, a leaked document suggests.

The power to suspend “certain benefits” would apply during the post-Brexit transition phase before the final arrangements come into force.

It is revealed in a draft section of the UK and EU’s withdrawal agreement, which has yet to be finalised.

The UK said the document simply reflected the EU’s “stated directives”.

The transition period is expected to begin straight after the UK officially leaves the European Union on 29 March 2019, and end on 31 December 2020.

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We will use sanctions to punish you, says Brussels

EU demands unilateral powers during transition

Brussels is demanding that Theresa May submit to powers allowing the European Union to ground flights, suspend single market access and impose trade tariffs on the UK during the Brexit transition period.

Under the proposals, the EU would have unprecedented legal powers — without the oversight of European courts — to punish Britain unilaterally if it breached the terms of the transition.

The prime minister has also been warned by Brussels that she must make a legal commitment to prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland within weeks or the EU will “stall” Brexit trade and transition talks. Both issues are expected to be discussed by ministers today when the cabinet’s Brexit sub-committee meets to try to reach agreement on the next stage of negotiations.

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