Momentum Vs Sarah Champion: Clash of the Tight’uns.

A local Momentum organiser in three responses to an article (Save our Sarah) on Rothpol failed to deny allegations that they’re plotting with elements from the Council of Mosques(CoM) to oust Sarah Champion as MP. Ian Roddison (aka RadishRoddo;) criticised elements of the article, but totally ignored the core allegations of their threat to Champion, an electoral pact with the CoM and with their agents the Peoples Front of Judea

Radish also denied Momentum involvement with disgraced former councillor Jahangir Akhtar. Saying he was certain because of Akhtar’s (a prominent local Muslim) non-attendance at meetings held in a local pub. Radish seemed unaware of Momentum support for Akhtar’s close friend Shabana Ahmed in gaining the Labour nomination to stand for Brinsworth & Catcliffe Ward. Or Akhtars subsequent bragging about pulling strings to get her the nomination.

Raddish was deeply upset at a perceived attack on his friend and leading local Momentum figure Cllr Wendy Cooksey. The author Wil Ewart apologised for Radish’s misunderstanding of what in Yorkshire we call as a backhanded compliment. Saying she is the only Momentum member with “half a brain” is really a deliberate slight of other Momentum members, not her.

However Radish also failed to comment on an allegation that Cllrs Cooksey, Yasseen & Alam are the unofficial shortlist from which Momentum and CoM will select the replacement to Sarah Champion. With Alam the favourite unless Labour enforce an all women shortlist.

Radish was so disgusted by life that he challenged article author Wil Ewart to a show down at the OK Bridge Inn during the public bit of Momentum’s monthly Politburo meeting. Inferring he would whip Ewarts ideological ass with an uppercut of dialectical materialism followed by a collectivist denouncement of him as a class traitor.

The bout is limited to an hour so that Momentum can kick out the public and get back to playing bingo while plotting the downfall of capitalism and Sarah Champion. The Politburo meetings, far from being secretive and exclusive, are regularly advertised in Radish’s lounge. That the public are kicked out for the best bits is really true democracy in Momentum newspeak.

When asked to comment on Radish’s passionate denial of everything unimportant in the article, while whistling the “Red Flag” and ignoring the most important points, author Wil Ewart said the Radish’s response is a red herring.

He also suggests that Momentum watch out for some of Akhtars known proxies in his war to free Taxistine from the Licensing oppressors and the formation of a Taxiate ie. Yasseen, Alam and another couple of Mirpuri/Kashmiri lads known to be double agents.

With regards to the suggested Politics Slam at the monthly Politburo meetings he commented “I’d rather sit on a rusty nail.”

BY Lev Davidovich Bronstein aka Trotsky aka I.Ianovsky

PS since going to press it has come to my attention that the Peoples Front of Judea is in fact a Jewish group, and aren’t best pleased with Momentum.

PPS: Towards the end of a fascinating debate on RothPol one of the four Momentum contributors said that really they like Sara Champion. Too little, to late.

Previously:  SOS: Save our Sarah

21 thoughts on “Momentum Vs Sarah Champion: Clash of the Tight’uns.

  1. As someone in the know I can tell you that Sarah is not going anywhere. Momentum has no strangle hold locally and it it is down to numbers even with the Pakistani bloc vote she will still win. I remember saying that Akhtar would loose his seat and he did because the hype does not carry over to the real world.


      • Sussed it L was you previous mention of the named plotter being nominated as candidate for an election in May.

        I presume you mean Taiba Yasseen…she was standing as Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidatefor for Calder Valley whenever the next General Election is held. Unlikely to be May.

        She however was not selected at the vote three days ago..


  2. If Momentum and CoM do manage to wangle a prospective parliamentary candidate from the Rotherham Pakistani Muslim community they should fully expect that the candidate will not do very well.

    The Pakistani postal and block vote from a number of the Rotherham wards with a Pakistani demographic may well have ensured the return of a Labour MP, however a candidate from the Pakistani community is a liability and would not be a WASP voters choice, 1,400 children abused and raped while this community stood in silence.

    Barron had a close call in the last election, maybe a Pakistani candidate would bring with them sufficient baggage that Labour fails to retain Rotherham.

    If I was running the GE campaign for the Tory or Lib Dems having a Rotherham Pakistani Labour candidate would be manna from heaven.


  3. The very mention of being a Labour Cllr from Rotherham would automatically result in the application being binned.

    Members of a short listing committee would have to be out of their tree to select an individual from a Rotherham community that remained silent when children were being abused and raped.

    Surprised at Momentum not having learned from the Brinsworth drubbing of Ahmed, WASP voters are fickle when it comes to who they vote for.


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  5. Stomach churning rubbish from candidate Yasseen on the Calder Valley Momentum Facebook page,
    Any mention of how she and the Sisters for Peace tackled gangs of Pakistani men grooming, abusing and raping children in Rotherham?
    Recommend you read her statement and watch the video
    .Is the abuse in Rotherham being airbrushed away by the likes of Yasseen?


  6. I have just read this collection of utter nonsense from a load of cowardly key jabbers who hide behind aliases and type insulting remarks, which border on the libelous, about issues of which they haven’t the faintest idea.
    Wil Ewart, sounds and writes like another contender for UKIP’s leadership. Making comments about Wendy Cooksey whilst hiding behind anonymity, is possibly as low as a snake could get, but Wil is a coward of the highest quality.
    For the record: Wendy is probably the most committed socialist and caring person you could wish to meet. She is a brave and tireless activist and her character is a pleasure to behold. The time she spends trying to make this rotting society of ours into a better, fairer, and kinder place to live, is endless. And another thing, Wendy has been fighting her campaign for a better society whilst her loving husband has been fighting life threatening cancer, which has left him (one of the sharpest political activists around), physically impaired.
    As far as this Momentum coup is concerned – against Sarah Champion – I have never read such tripe. Sarah was on our Demo, outside Rotherham Hospital, along with most of Rotherham’s Momentum supporters, and more than welcome she was too. And as far as organizing this fantasy, along with the Council of Mosques, to get rid of her, falls well inside the tripe category.
    Momentum will continue to fight for the democratization of the Labour Party, and the mandatory re-selection of MP’s, but Sarah Champion looks well safe. In fact, it was “Our Sarah” who left the parliamentary coup (organized to oust Corbyn and the new leftwing membership) and stood four square with Corbyn and her constituency membership, which went a long way to boost our campaign to do just that, democratize the Party.
    Don’t hide behind anonymity when making snide comments, do what Wendy and I do: always put your name to what you are saying, nail your colours to the mast, and hold your head up!
    Dave Platts, Momentum (personal capacity).


    • I love my wife, who is round about my age. I do not have a fascist , much younger girlfriend and therefore I am in no way a contender for the UKIP leadership..

      See later for a more full response:)


  7. Off topic:

    Is it correct that the Tories have removed free school meals from families with an income over £7k a year?

    Unable to find any comment on Momentum or Labour social media sites


  8. Albion, I don’t respond to anon’s normally. I don’t know whether you have ever been out of the front door recently but, there are issues just like the one you have just heard of happening all over Britain and beyond.
    The main issue at the moment is the NHS, which will be broken up and sold/privatised, starting in our South Yorkshire area April 1st. (that’s fools day) for your benefit. Momentum and the SYBNHS Action Group will be doing their best to educate and inform people of this national scandal. Momentum are fighting on all fronts but will endeavor to build the campaign to save our greatest asset, the NHS.
    I have no doubt that our supporters won’t be far away from the battle to save school meals in the area you refer to.


  9. A first response to Albert Platts..

    Wow David, its good the hear from you, nothing quite like your moral self-righteousness combined with the bitterness that comes from 30 years of being completely ignored. Ever wondered why?

    Can you specify the precise wording that you consider “potentially” libellous, or that is a serious affront to Wendy Cooksey? You know, cut and paste it into a response so people can see the crime I have committed. For my part I think she’s by far the best of a very poor bunch.

    Lastly, fI leave you with the words of comment of one of your Rotherham Momentum comrades to the article that started this debate..

    “By elboyd ….

    “The Neo-Liberals had their way with the Labour Party for thirty-plus years whilst many on the Left (like myself) stuck around and waited for the wheel to turn full circle (which it has). Sarah Champion was (in my opinion rightly) kicked off the Shadow Cabinet for writing an article in The Sun, which I wouldn’t even stoop to use as lavatory paper.”

    As the saying goes, with friends like Momentum, who needs friends.

    There will be more later, but in the meantime take a look at Momentum Calder Valley’s Facebook page to see how little your organisation is to be trusted. Lots of old has beens, too dumb to realise they are being used and sadly, a lot of young people will end up disillusioned


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