MP joins hospital privatisation demo

MP SARAH Champion joined campaigners protesting against possible privatisation in the NHS.

The Rotherham branch of South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB) NHS Action Group, said privatisation set to begin in April could see the health service “gradually carved up and sold”.

Read on…,mp-joins-hospital-privatisation-demo_25552.htm

3 thoughts on “MP joins hospital privatisation demo

  1. Gp doctors practices are private businesses (You never hear Labour complaining about them)
    Chemists ( even in hospitals) are private business
    Blood tests are sent to private companies
    general services in hospitals are private companies
    grass cutting is private bussiness
    almost everyhing in the NHS goes through the private sector at some stage,if they did not, the NHS could not function. The complaints are always about A&E. Labour complain that rates are at 95% over Christmas, when the recomended target should be 85%. The A&E Doctors/Nurses are doing a magnificent job coping at 95%, the real problem would start if rates were running over 100%. Until figures go over 100%, there is no “Crisis” in the NHS.
    The only place there is a crisis, is in the Management, Simple, if your struggling in A&E, pull resources from non essensial areas. Get rid of the trade unions who seem at every turn to be trying to undermine everything that smacks of reform, hey presto, NHS improvement.


  2. Wheres our other 2 local MPs , councillors and hangers on when the local hospital is being defended.
    Like when there was strikes.
    No where to be seen.

    Wonder if they agrree with this privatisation on quiet?


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