UKIP MEP Jane Collins in court today over libel costs

LABOUR is taking UKIP to court today after its MEP Jane Collins was successfully sued for libel over comments she made about Rotherham’s three Labour MPs.

Ms Collins was ordered last February to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in libel damages and costs, which are still outstanding.

Today’s hearing will be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice and will determine how much of the costs UKIP can be held liable for.

Sir Kevin Barron, John Healey and Sarah Champion are all entitled to £54,000 each from the UKIP MEP after remarks she made about Rotherham’s child abuse scandal were adjudged to be libellous.

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23 thoughts on “UKIP MEP Jane Collins in court today over libel costs

  1. Something doesn’t smell right about this.
    AIUI Jane Collins was ordered to pay compensation to three local MP’s, how did the Labour party become involved?
    The award was to three persons, not a political party.


  2. Thanks reg.

    ‘From the ‘Advertiser’…’LABOUR is taking UKIP to court today after its MEP Jane Collins was successfully sued for libel over comments she made about Rotherham’s three Labour MPs…….
    None of the Rotherham MPs are expected to attend the hearing today and the outcome is expected to be announced next week..’

    Is the Advertiser article wrong or misinterpreted?


  3. MEPs are supposed to be in Strasbourg this week, is Collins really in court? The reference to the Labour party is rather interesting since I think Colins tried at one stage to argue they were acting as a shadow claimant. The connection between the Advertiser’s editorial team and at least one of the three claimants means you’d expect them to have reported the involvement of Labour correctly (even if it is behind the scenes).


  4. The reference to the Labour party comes
    From documents and letters sent by Steel and Shamash the Labour party s solicitors
    Representing the MPs.
    I have been in court myself today to find out just what UKIP paid for Jane Collins defence I know how much they paid for mine £000
    The case is to carry on tomorrow
    The people in Court today was
    Gerald Shamash and a Paralegal and. A barrister
    UKIP A solicitor a Barrister
    Steve Crowther ex Chairman Paul Oakeden
    Acting Chairman plus two others I don’t know
    Labour Solicitors are desperate for money
    Cos as far as I know they got £16125.00 paid
    From me and £15000 awarded from Jane Collins
    That’s if she paid that
    But the real question is was all this a ploy
    To distroy UKIP as a political opposition


  5. Alex
    Labour gave over 4hrs of their arguments
    UKIP had about 2hrs to resume in the morning
    As regards the actual arguments I will not put them on here
    Also i don’t know who you are but if you want to contact me with who you are I will gladly talk to you
    Please ask Rik for my No


  6. Panty dropped you really are as thick as pig sh-t
    I have not cost the UKIP Party a penny in fact over the years I have put Money into it
    So what has The Demise of UKIP got to do with me or my actions
    It could be eleged to be more to do with certain Labour members not telling the truth and nothing but the truth
    But as a one cell Labour emeba I doubt you could understand that


    • Im not Labour Caven. Please Learn to spell. Will the suite of court actions between yourselves ( jane & caven ), result in monies being extracted from the Ukip Coffers? Also, are you now aligned to the emergent ‘for Britain Rotherham Branch’?


  7. Just to be accurate this Court hearing is not about Jane Collins MEP Jane’s case has been heard and judgment passed down both on liable and Costs and damages
    This case is an application to hear if UKIP are in any way responsible for Costs in Jane Collins MEP case.
    So their is no reason for Jane to be in Courtthis cases between UKIP and the Labour Partys solicitors who represented the Three Labour MPs for Rotherham


  8. Another interesting fact in this case is that the Labour solicitors are now using another Barrister and I understand not from Matrix Chambers that the two Barristers were from through out mine and Jane Collins cases
    Maybe they know something we don’t and are now distancing themselves from it who knows time will tell


  9. Panty dropper
    You have just confirmed my previous remarks
    I have a reasonable excuse for my spelling called dyslexia
    The so called suit of court actions you refer to what suit of court actions are you on about
    I will spell this out slowly for you my Court case finished on the 1st June 2016 and UKIP didn’t pay or contribute 1 penny towards my court case Is that clear enough for you.
    The on going court actions are with UKIP regarding the legal fees and costs incurred solely in the Jane Collins MEP case
    And no am not now aligned or part of any other political party or UKIP
    What I say and do now is as an independent activist
    But unlike you I have always posted my comments under my name I am not so cowerdly that I have to post my comments under a stupid cover name but that is the course of bullies and cowards but I have obviously upset you someware down the line that is usually reserved for Labour supporters in Rotherham like you


    • My cover name is not stupid.

      Im sorry too about your disability- this must make thimgs really difficult for you and I didnt realise. It must be hard being stupid dyslexic at the same time.Once again I am not Labour- I am a rotherham resident who wants the best for our town.

      Basically though, what you are saying is that “its all jane collins fault and nothin to do wi me guv’nor”


  10. No I am not saying anything of the sort the NEC at UKIP agreed to pay for legal representation for Jane Collins MEP
    Now the Labour Partys Solicitors are claiming UKIP are now responsible for Jane Collins costs or part of them

    I did not have legal representation paid for by UKIP I had to fund my own defence and due to lack of sufficient funds to engage the type of legal representation needed I was forced to represent myself as a (litigant in person)
    So in a nutshell I said what I said and I and my wife and no one else paid for it
    So please explain how you come to the conclusion that I will have contributed to the financial Demise of the UKIP Party
    In fact when I resigned from UKIP and as Chairman of the local branch the finances of the branch was in a good state

    And if you had done your research before making your comments about me being stupid you would know before my retirement I was a very highly qualified Engineer and the QC representing the MPs in court is on record as stating that I was an intelligent man
    But I will accept that at times I like most people do and say stupid things at times that’s life.


  11. Sorry missed out in the last post
    That it is now the courts to judge if UKIP are liable for Jane Collins MEP court costs or part of them just to keep the record correct
    And if you want to know how much UKIP have paid for Jane Collins MEP legal fees then you can obtain a copy of the court transcript at a cost of around £800.00 from the court transcript service the figure quoted by the Labour Partys Solicitors Barrister paid by UKIP to Jane Collins MEP legal team will be in that


  12. That is life Caven, true, you are a mere mortal like the rest of us. What happened to all the money in the rotherham branch then? I heard some got skimmed off …… but that may be just tittle tattle


  13. Panty Dropper
    Now I will give you some very sound advice for free this time
    Be very careful what you are saying even if it is tickle tackle
    In cases of liable it is often presumption that can get you into trouble
    But to answer your question
    When I resigned from UKIP in May 2017 the Branch accounts were Audited by an independent accountant and signed off also as per the electoral commissions rules was reported to them by UKIP HQ
    And as fare as I know the money is still in UKIP Rotherham bank account.but you would need to ask the present treasurer or chairman of the branch for a upto date figure I only know to may 2017
    And when I was Chairman at every branch meeting the treasurer made the accounts available for any member to inspect and for the record I was not one of the account signatures
    Now unless you have evidence to the contrary I would recommend and advise you to withdraw your last post
    Or you just might upset some one in the Rotherham UKIP branch who has access to the funds but unless they have changed the rules it would need two of three people to withdraw funds
    But if you have got evidence or very real suspicions I would recommend you take it to the police and report to them and not try and spread unfounded rumours


    • well i thought it was tittle tattle, and you have just confirmed it so. That issue can now be thoroughly put to bed. I formally withdraw any remarks that suggest you siphoned off any money from the ukip accounts because it is totally untrue.


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