Anston Parish Council watch

I used to believe that the people who ran this site believed in democracy and unbiased commenting, it would seem from its latest posts they have abandoned these two corner stones of political commentary.

There is an election taking place in South Anston for a parish councillor, and it would seem that this blog has it in for one of the candidates.

This candidate has inadvertently left off the information that should go at the bottom of their leaflet and posters, so the blog is making a great fuss about the police investigating this misdemeanour.

Of course this is their right, however surely in the spirit of fair play you would have thought that they would have published the letter sent by the chairman of Anston parish council to the electorate in favour of his party candidate.

In the letter he clearly states that he is the chairman of Anston parish council, which means people could be misled into believing that the parish council as a whole supported this candidate.

He too is being investigated by the police. I do not support any of the candidates because I don’t live in the area, having said that I do support democracy and unbiased commentary.

Dave Smith


Some facts challenged, await details.

3 thoughts on “Anston Parish Council watch

  1. I understand that the Site Manager was trying to obtain a copy, but could not get hold of one. If the Parish Council Chairman has crossed the line and used his position to further the Political advancement of a candidate, and if a complaint is made, then it should be investigated. The candidate who was the subject of the original complaint, tried to brush off the fact he broke the law by saying his failure to put an “imprint” on his leaflets was “minor” However on the past record of the Police in these political complaints, I am sure it will be ignored as usual.
    The Parish Council did not back any candidate, or authorise the chair to make statements on their behalf.
    Cllr Stuart Thornton


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