Controversial Anston church and football facility plans earmarked for refusal

A RELIGIOUS group’s plan for a church and football centre on green belt land have been recommended for refusal.

Previous applications from the Plymouth Brethren Christian for a place of worship on Common Lane, North Anston, were rejected in 2013 and 2015.

Last year, a third proposal was announced — this time including multi-million sports facilities for Anston Rangers Junior Football Club.

Rotherham Borough Council’s planning board will vote on the latest plan — including 331 parking spaces — at its meeting on Thursday.

Officers noted the Brethren’s need for a larger premises but have recommended refusal, saying the proposal would be inappropriate for the green belt.

Read on…,controversial-anston-church-and-football-facility-plans-earmarked-for-refus_25541.htm

3 thoughts on “Controversial Anston church and football facility plans earmarked for refusal

  1. It is a sad day for children’s football in Anston today. The planning board refused the application citing greenbelt as the reason. There seemed to be anti church sentiments by some today. Maybe soon we will lose this land for housing when the government steps in under the national need for housing. Very short sighted. What a shame.


  2. I think ‘bill’ is being disingenous. The application by the Brethren was not for just a football pitch.
    The plans included a church and a football pitch and RMBC’s decision was not only concerned with the loss of greenbelt land but also the unsuitability of local roads to accommodate the extra traffic that would be generated if the plans were approved.


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