Judgement Sir Kevin Barron MP & Ors -v- Jane Collins MEP & Ors

Sir Kevin Barron MP & Ors -v- Jane Collins MEP & Ors judgment

Joint statement from Kevin Barron MP, John Healey MP & Sarah Champion MP

Reacting to this afternoon’s judgement in which UKIP have been found liable to contribute towards the legal costs in the three MPs’ successful defamation case against Jane Collins MEP, they said:

“This judgement confirms UKIP used the unfounded allegations by Jane Collins for political advantage. At the highest level UKIP knew Jane Collins’ case was ‘hopeless’ but blocked any settlement in our favour before the 2015 General Election because they believed it would win them votes. This deliberate strategy delayed the full vindication we finally won, and hugely increased the legal costs.”

“This means UKIP will rightly pay a substantial share of the legal bill. Their actions behind the scenes forced the costs to soar and compounded the damage from Jane Collins’ unfounded allegations.”

Estimates suggest UKIP will have to pay at least £200 000 of the total legal bill which stood at £660 000, before this hearing. The final figure will be determined by a judge through a detailed assessment of costs.


UKIP ordered to pay £200k of MEP Jane Collins’ libel bill

UKIP has been ordered to pay £200,000 of MEP Jane Collins’ rising libel bill for comments she made about Rotherham’s three MPs.

The High Court ruled today that UKIP was responsible for paying an estimated £200,000 of Ms Collins’ £690,000 legal costs because it had been found responsible for delaying the case. Over the past 12 months her legal costs bill has increased by nearly

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,ukip-ordered-to-pay-200k-of-mep-jane-collins-libel-bill_25637.htm

Ukip edged towards bankruptcy by judge’s decision on legal costs

Judge rules party must contribute to £660,000 legal bill of MEP who lost defamation action brought by three Labour MP

Ukip has been edged closer to financial ruin after a judge ruled the party must contribute towards a £660,000 legal bill following a defamation action brought against one of its MEPs by three Labour MPs.

Last year, Jane Collins was successfully sued by Sarah Champion, Sir Kevin Barron and John Healey, whom she had accused in 2014 of ignoring child sex abuse in Rotherham.


Jane Collins defamation case: UKIP delayed case

UKIP “deliberately delayed” settlement of a libel case for “political advantage” ahead of the 2015 general election, the High Court has ruled.

The case was brought by three Rotherham Labour MPs over comments made by UKIP MEP Jane Collins about the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

Mr Justice Warby said the defamation action would have been “swiftly” settled had UKIP not interfered.

He added the party should be held liable for some of the costs.


6 thoughts on “Judgement Sir Kevin Barron MP & Ors -v- Jane Collins MEP & Ors

  1. Why does the Advertiser appear to have invented a figure of £200,000? That number appears once in the entire judgement and certainly isn’t given as an award against UKIP. The judge in fact states that he will not be considering the amount to be awarded, only the question of liability. That liability turns out to have been very close to zero, a total of two months costs whose proportionality and reasonableness is to be assessed.


  2. UKIP Leaders could not be arsed to go to court for the judgment same as the Labour representatives
    But for Labour MPs to say UKIP delayed the settlement for Votes is a bit hypocritical when they brought the action and used the courts to stifle and silence political debate
    But don’t all political Partys and politicians at or near election time try all sorts of tricks Labour are past masters of dirty tricks at election time but to quote Corporal Jones
    They don’t like it up em
    And I still think they should be a inedepth investigation on what and when Rotherham politicians knew of CSE and what action they took if any I believe the people of Rotherham and especially the victims and their families deserve this


    • As labour members with kids we fully agree. They failed the people of our town. Failed in duty of care and failed in safeguarding.

      Meanwhile they covered it up and did not prevent abuse by not warning people.


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