The Momentum Revolution – We Won’t Get Fooled Again, Will We?

15 feb 2018Meet the new boss…

Jon Lansman – co- Founder of Momentum & recently elected Labour NEC Member

Who said;

“It’s my objective to give Labour members more power”

“Labour’s selections process must be improved. Manipulated for political advantage by strong leaders with great powers of patronage, it disempowers the communities we are meant to represent” -The New Statesman 2018

In January, Labour in Calder Valley met to choose its candidate for the next general election. Yes, seems way away but it means the candidate can build up their relationship with the local electorate

Calderdale Momentum recommended its members choose from one of three candidates, all Momentum members and including Rotherhama’s very own Taiba Yasseen. However victory went to the one person on the ballot paper who wasn’t Momentum.

As comments of Calderdale Momentum’s Facebook reveal it had something of the Peoples Front of Judea about it;

“I have just discovered that 3 of the 4 candidates shortlisted for Calder Valley PPC are in Momentum. Guess which one National Momentum endorses. That’s right the other one. He must be a really dangerous radical.”

“We’ve complained about an endorsement process, which led to them [National Momentum] sending an email to every Momentum member and supporter endorsing the one candidate who lacked local Momentum support.”

National Momentum it seems either didn’t ask Calderdale Momentum for their opinion, or totally ignored them. Choosing instead to recommend a full on Blairite who opposed Corbyn’s election as leader and who failed in his previous two efforts to win the seat from the Tories.

Oh dear, seems that Momentum members hadn’t realised the contempt we Northerners are held in by the very London centric Momentum top team.

They have now.


Ps. Can anyone remember when and for how long Taiba Yasseen was Chief Executive at ROAR (Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance) and Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance (REMA)

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