MP denies linking being a parent to taking child abuse seriously

MP denies linking being a parent to taking child abuse seriously

Sarah Champion denies suggesting Theresa May doesn’t ‘get’ issue because she doesn’t have children

A Labour MP has angrily denied suggesting David Cameron took the issue of child exploitation more seriously than Theresa May because he is a father.

Sarah Champion said in an interview that she was concerned May had allowed the issue to fall off the agenda since she became prime minister, having been committed to it as home secretary. Champion has campaigned on child abuse since the 2011 grooming scandal in her Rotherham constituency.

Labour MP Sarah Champion says Theresa May ‘doesn’t fully understand child abuse’ because she’s not a mum

The former Shadow Minister said David Cameron ‘got it’ as an issue because he was ‘a dad’

A SENIOR Labour MP sparked uproar last night by suggesting Theresa May doesn’t fully understand the problem of child sexual abuse because she is not a mum.

In an interview with Parliament’s The House magazine, former Shadow Minister Sarah Champion said David Cameron “got it” as an issue because he was “a dad”.

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Labour MP denies saying PM doesn’t prioritise child abuse because she’s not a mother

Sarah Champion is refuting claims she highlighted Theresa May’s childlessness in a magazine interview.

A Labour MP has denied suggesting Theresa May doesn’t see tackling child abuse as a priority because she is not a mother.

Sarah Champion used an interview with The House magazine to claim the issue “dropped off the radar” once Mrs May entered 10 Downing Street.

Labour MP Sarah Champion suggests tackling child abuse is not a priority for Theresa May because she is not a mother

Tackling child abuse was a priority for David Cameron partly because he was a father, a Labour MP said last night.

But Theresa May has not taken as much interest in the issue since she entered Number 10, Sarah Champion said.

In an interview with The House magazine, the MP for Rotherham said it was likely that some MPs were involved ‘in some way or another’ with child sexual abuse.

And she claimed the British authorities do not take enough action to crack down on female genital mutilation because they are wary of ‘cultural sensitivities’.

Miss Champion spoke out six months after she was sacked from Labour’s front bench for warning that the UK had a ‘problem’ with Pakistani men targeting vulnerable white girls.

7 thoughts on “MP denies linking being a parent to taking child abuse seriously

  1. I think Sarah Champion MP has been treated really, really unfairly over this.

    Its quite clear that this issue is about the PM being an effective Leader of this country and with great respect it appears that Mrs May is not an effective Leader but she was an effective Home Secretary and Ms Champion has made clear she did a fantastic job on CSE in that previous role BUT once she has moved into being PM it seems there isn’t enough room for CSE to be considered which is really quite sad but the harsh reality of the situation.

    If folk are suggesting that Sarah Champion was having a go at the PM for not having children and this being a link to a lack of action need to get a grip.


  2. How many children has Saint Sarah got
    Also if she was really serious about CSE she would denounce her Rotherham Labour Councillors who knew and said and did nowt
    She was not elected until 2012 I have recollection of her campaigning against CSE until August 2014
    Remember they knew nothing until after the Jay report
    I would love to see the evidence of her knowing and campaigning prior to 2012


  3. Six months ago Sarah Champion first denied the Sun articles words were hers, only for it to be shown they were!
    Is this a repeat? Only a view of the article will establish the full facts. Can anyone provide a scan?


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