Reds under the beds! Just like old times?

Jeremy Corbyn should be ‘open’ over spy’s claims, says Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn should be “open and transparent” about his alleged contacts with a Communist spy during the 1980s, Theresa May has suggested.

Asked about claims a Czech intelligence officer met and tried to recruit Mr Corbyn during the Cold War, she said MPs must “account” for past actions.

The Labour Party has said claims he was an agent were a “ridiculous smear”.

Czech officials say files show he was a “person of interest” but was never a secret collaborator or an informer.

Files held by the Czech Security Service Archive, first reported by the Sun, detail contacts Mr Corbyn is alleged to have had with a Czechoslovakian diplomat and agent in London in 1986 and 1987.

Jan Sarkocy told the newspaper he met Mr Corbyn on several occasions, including in the House of Commons, while he was working undercover in the London Embassy under the name of Jan Dymic.

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Corbyn must come clean on past links with spies, says May

Theresa May has called on Jeremy Corbyn give more details about his dealings with spies in the eastern bloc.

The prime minister called on the Labour leader to be “open and transparent” after he admitted having met Jan Sarkocy, a former Czechoslovak spy, three times in the 1980s.

Mr Corbyn, who was given the codenamed “Cob”, denies supplying information to the communist regime and rejects suggestions that he was paid for his work. He says he believed that the Czech official, who was kicked out of the UK in 1989, was a diplomat.

Mr Sakocy initially claimed that Mr Corbyn was paid but in interviews yesterday appeared to suggest that other, unnamed, Labour MPs were given cash instead.

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1 thought on “Reds under the beds! Just like old times?

  1. If we ever get Corbyn, god help us, it will be the ‘Great Leap Forward’ all over again. I think they killed about 45m people during this period of recent history 1958 – 62 and Jezza is a fan of Marxist regimes.


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