Charity boss resigns from Unicef

Ex-Save the Children chief executive Justin Forsyth has resigned from Unicef as he says he does not want coverage of his past to “damage” the charities.

Mr Forsyth faced three complaints of inappropriate behaviour towards female staff before leaving Save the Children, the BBC reported this week.

He was accused of sending inappropriate texts and commenting on what young female staff were wearing.

He said he “apologised unreservedly” to the three workers at the time.

Mr Forsyth said the reason for his resignation as Unicef’s deputy director was not because of what he described as the mistakes he made in his former role at Save the Children.

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Brendan Cox Should Say Sorry And Mean It, And Then Go Away

Nobody should be surprised that supposedly good men do bad things

Dear Brendan,

I met you once last year at an event for International Women’s Day. We talked for about 10 minutes and have had no contact since, so I was surprised when you wrote a private message to me at the weekend via Twitter asking for advice.

I saw your resignation statement – the announcement that you were standing down from charity work in response to claims of harassment and sexual assault – and was immediately struck by the way in which you presented as an apology something that seemed to minimise and dismiss even those instances of “inappropriate” behaviour you acknowledge. These were several years ago, you said (as though the passage of time made them smaller) and you never acted in bad faith. How often have we seen such apologies for apologies since the start of the #MeToo campaign?

I tweeted how deficient yours was as a mea culpa and within minutes a private message from you landed. “Would be good to talk to you about your views on what I should do,” you wrote.

Forgive me, but my first thought was to wonder how many women received similar messages asking how you can improve your ways—or at least appear to do so.

I wonder if you even understand what you’ve done.

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Justin Forsyth quits Unicef after admitting sending inappropriate text messages to female staff

Justin Forsyth has resigned as deputy chief executive at the charity Unicef after admitting to making inappropriate comments to female members of staff in his previous job.

Mr Forsyth said that his continuing presence at Unicef risked doing “serious damage to our cause and the case for aid” in the wake of criticism over his conduct and calls by MPs for him to resign.

Earlier this week it emerged that he had sent “unsuitable and thoughtless” comments to three young female members of staff

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