Council planning service shows Rotherham is open for business

Rotherham Planning Service is a finalist in the category for Local Authority Planning Team of the Year at the Royal Town Planning Institute’s (RTPI) Awards for Planning Excellence 2018.

The RTPI Awards are the most established and respected awards in the UK planning industry. Running for over 40 years, they celebrate exceptional examples of planning and the contribution planners make to society.

Cllr Denise Lelliott, Cabinet Member for Jobs and the Local Economy at Rotherham Council, said: “Rotherham is proud to be recognised as the top performing planning authority in the country, but also one which has a flexible, positive and pro-development attitude, creating the right conditions for growth and regeneration in Rotherham.

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11 thoughts on “Council planning service shows Rotherham is open for business

  1. For God’s sake, the other planning authorities must be in a right state if this lot is considered to be “the top performing planning authority in the country” – really?, really?, by what standard?

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  2. You know how it works; they have to nominate themselves. What a hoot.

    RMBC Planning is notorious by its long standing incompetence. The don’t know that they don’t know and worse still, don’t even care.


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  4. At a recent planning meeting, the Planning office pointed out that a certain application could not be approved, because it was in Green Belt and the applicant could not/did not demonstrate “very special circumstances”. He stated this at least two or three times. Its against the planning law to approve applications in Green Belt unless this “very special circumstances” can be demonstrated.
    Everyone in the room clearly understood what he was saying. Yet 4 Members of the committee still voted to allow it.
    The award should be challenged, and the 4 Councillors sent on a planning course.


  5. Time will tell, but this might just come back to bite them in their rears.
    Local Authority Planning Team of the Year, Rotherham?
    You must be having a laugh, surely?


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