The Week That Was – Last Weeks Top Ten 24th February 2018

Last Weeks Top Ten 24th February 2018

  1. Gearing up for a General Election?
  2. South Yorkshire mayoral election: Delay to Labour ballots amid row over shortlisting
  3. Rotherham child sex abuse scandal “may have more than 1,500 victims”
  4. Murdered MP’s widower Brendan Cox quits charities
  5. MP denies linking being a parent to taking child abuse seriously
  6. Save the Children did not report sexual misconduct claims against Brendan Cox
  7. Council planning service shows Rotherham is open for business
  8. Saira Khan: “I still feel like I am bringing shame on my family but it might stop just one other girl from being abused”
  9. MP blames Government cuts for £11m overspend on services for vulnerable children in Sheffield
  10. Union’s call to protest against adult day centre closures

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