Charities linked to extremism get £6m

Islamic charities vulnerable to extremists receive £6 million a year from taxpayers in gift aid, according to a think tank report. It accuses charities of supporting “the spread of harmful nonviolent extremist views that are not illegal; by providing platforms, credibility and support to a network of extremists operating in the UK”.

One international charity is chaired by an Islamic preacher banned from entering the UK. The claims provide an early challenge for Baroness Stowell of Beeston, who was appointed chairwoman of the Charity Commission by the government last week, despite opposition from MPs who accused her of having negligible experience with charities. The report, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: How Islamist Extremists Exploit the UK Charitable Sector, was produced by the Henry Jackson Society think tank by its research fellow Emma Webb, a specialist in counter-extremism who studied 30 charities.

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Charities must not harbour those who would subvert our democracy

It has been an exhausting couple of weeks for the charitable sector, with a seemingly endless wellspring of Oxfam scandals, the resignation of Unicef’s chief executive and the rollercoaster of Tina Stowell’s appointment as the new chair of the Charity Commission.

The outgoing head of the commission, William Shawcross, fought relentlessly to eliminate abuse from the sector. Baroness Stowell has her work cut out if she wants to pull off her stated mission of reversing what is an alarming decline in public trust.

A new report by the Henry Jackson Society has found that Islamist extremists operating in the UK have established a number of charities through which they receive the many benefits this status brings: credibility, access to the public and vulnerable beneficiaries, secure platforms to spread their radical views and, perhaps most alarmingly, tax exemption and taxpayers’ money.

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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: How Islamist Extremists Exploit the UK Charitable Sector


Henry Jackson Society

The British taxpayer has handed over more than £6 million to charities that are currently, or have been in the past, used by extremists to further their radical agenda, according to a new report from the Henry Jackson Society.

The report’s case studies are illustrative – so £6 million is likely the tip of the iceberg.

The money is enough to fund 27,328 hospital beds per day, the annual salary of 234 infantry soldiers, or the salary of 264 new teachers – but instead, it is being handed over to individuals some of whose involvement in extremism can be traced back to the Islamist scene in the early 2000s.

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