Devolution: Yorkshire leaders urge Prime Minister to commit to mayoral election in 2020

Leaders of 18 Yorkshire councils have written to Theresa May urging her to commit to a region-wide mayoral election in 2020, ahead of a crunch meeting with the Communities Secretary tomorrow. Sajd Javid agreed to tomorrow’s meeting, where he will hear from council leaders on their plans for a regional devolution, last month.

Members of the All Party Parliamentary Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Group, including all of the region’s council leaders, MPs, peers and invited businesses, trade unions and religious leaders, will meet at the Commons at 4pm on Tuesday – in a meeting that has been previously described as “very significant” for Yorkshire devolution by Keighley MP John Grogan.

Ahead of the meeting, a letter signed by the 18 leaders – including Coun Peter Box from Wakefield, Coun Judith Blake from Leeds, Coun Carl Les from North Yorkshire, and leaders of York, Barnsley and Doncaster councils, tells the Prime Minister that they have “now reached agreement” on devolution.

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2 thoughts on “Devolution: Yorkshire leaders urge Prime Minister to commit to mayoral election in 2020

  1. It is telling that the laggards from Rotherham and Sheffield are still obstructing the move towards a One Yorkshire Mayor.

    We have Luddite Labour politicians who care more about getting their snouts in the civic trough than local citizens.

    A more out of their depth, incompetent set of politicians you could ever wish to meet are holding back on investment, jobs, improvement to the transport infrastructure and prosperity.

    You only have to look at their backgrounds to appreciate just how ill prepared and under-qualified they are for the role they occupy.


  2. Just how is this supposed to work. We have four local LA,s who cannot agree on anything and it seems have nothing in common except their own agendas. So how do they expect to make progress when you throw in Tories and Libdems from other authorities.


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