Council leaders’ plea to PM for Yorkshire mayor by 2020

Yorkshire could be set to elect a county-wide mayor by 2020 after the leaders of 18 of the region’s councils reached an agreement on devolution.

In a landmark intervention, elected leaders from every one of Yorkshire’s councils bar Rotherham and Sheffield have written to the Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to commit to an election for a mayor for the whole region within two years.

Under the proposal, submitted ahead of a crunch meeting between Yorkshire leaders and Communities Secretary Sajid Javid today, the council leaders agree that planned elections for a mayor for South Yorkshire should go ahead first.

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2 thoughts on “Council leaders’ plea to PM for Yorkshire mayor by 2020

  1. Eighteen councils unite to make Yorkshire a better place and two attempt to stop the move, of the two, one is responsible for allowing 1,500 children to be abused and the other for lobbying for a slow high speed train spur line into the city.
    To think that these politicians are being paid a princely sum for this kind of behaviour.


  2. The four local labour councils cannot agree on much, so how do they expect to make progress when you throw in conservative councils and LibDems. This is a recipe for going nowhere. Perhaps that is what they want a big salary for not much?
    As far as Rotherham is concerned Sheffield dumps all over us now as it wishes and we go along with it. Seems our lot are just waiting for new jobs as part of SCR.


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