Corbyn bans Tom Watson from taking Max Mosley’s money

Jeremy Corbyn has heaped pressure on Tom Watson over his ties to Max Mosley as he banned his deputy from taking any more money from the press reform campaigner.

Yesterday it emerged that Mr Mosley, a former Formula One boss, had his name listed as publisher of a campaign leaflet linking leprosy, venereal disease and tuberculosis to “coloured immigration” and calling for Jamaicans to be sent home.

The pamphlet was in support of a candidate for his fascist father Sir Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement in a 1961 by-election, and was unearthed by the Daily Mail in historical archives in Manchester.

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Row over racist Max Mosley by-election leaflet

Privacy campaigner Max Mosley published a by-election leaflet saying: “Coloured immigration threatens your children’s health,” it has been claimed.

The 1961 leaflet, backing a candidate for his father Sir Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement, was found by the Daily Mail in archives in Manchester.

The newspaper says it raises questions over Mr Mosley’s evidence to a 2008 High Court trial.

Mr Mosley said he didn’t recall the leaflet and he was not a racist.

In evidence to the 2008 trial, in which he successfully sued the News of the World over reports about a sado-masochistic sex session he had had with five prostitutes, Mr Mosley denied any knowledge of the leaflet.

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5 thoughts on “Corbyn bans Tom Watson from taking Max Mosley’s money

  1. Watson is a scheming viper of worst kind.

    He took moslys grubby money to campaign in murdoch and daily fail as did some local MPs to berate and plot against corbyn in their attempted coup and b4 last gen election..

    Treacherous person who did not have courage to re stand in a deputy contest.


    • Probably the Mail has such a photo on file, but, you see, Rothermere did not deny, in court, producing a racist pamphlet …,the one that has now surfaced with Moslleys name on it.
      And, in passing, Rothermere sponsored the Bristol Blenheim, one of the few relatively modern aircraft the RAF had, at the beginning of WW11


  2. This from Global Justice:
    Let us begin in 1930 when Adolf Hitler made considerable gains in the German elections. Mein Kampf had already been written, making clear Hitler’s ideas on the racial supremacy of the supposed ‘Aryan’ race. And yet, for the Daily Mail, Hitler, his party and their success represented the “birth of Germany as a nation”.
    Fast forward a few years to January 1934, when they ran with the headline “Hurrah for the Blackshirts”with an article celebrating Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists (BUF). Mosley was highly influenced by Benito Mussolini, so much so that members of the BUF were given the nickname of ‘Blackshirts’ as their uniform was modelled on that worn by those belonging to the National Fascist Party in Italy. Lord Rothermere, owner of the Daily Mail and author of the article, praised Mosley and the Blackshirts seeing them as the correct party to “take over responsibility for [British] national affairs”. 
    Not only did this positive reporting gain them exclusive access to publish interviews with Hitler, it also earned Lord Rothermere and his son a place at the dinner table as honoured guests of Hitler himself.


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