Ofsted to look at exclusions malpractice in the north-east

Inspectors will investigate whether schools in some parts of England are misusing exclusions, after it emerged that secondary schools in two areas suspended more than one in 10 of their pupils last year.

Ofsted has ordered its staff to look at high rates of fixed-period exclusions in the north-east, Yorkshire and the Humber. Inspectors will also “look very carefully” at whether schools are improving their results by ridding themselves of “troublesome” pupils.

The region is home to six of the 10 worst-offending areas in terms of the proportion of secondary school pupils who faced suspension in 2016-17.

Read on… https://schoolsweek.co.uk/ofsted-to-look-at-off-rolling-malpractice-in-the-north-east/


1 thought on “Ofsted to look at exclusions malpractice in the north-east

  1. If we did not have this overarching meddling from Central Government in even aspect of our daily existence these skewed results would not impinge on daily life as we now see ! Do not forget that Ofsted also ignored / missed CSE, massively, in Rotherham !!


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