Rotherham children’s services boss Ian Thomas to leave post

CHILDREN’S services director Ian Thomas is to leave his £145,000 role in Rotherham to take over a London council.

Mr Thomas was appointed in January 2015 to replace Joyce Thacker in the wake of the borough’s child sex abuse scandal.

More than £22 million has been invested in the department over the past four years, dragging its Ofsted rating from inadequate to good.

RMBC chief executive Sharon Kemp said: “He leaves the service and the council in a very good place.

“We are confident this will enable us to seek a replacement of equal calibre as quickly as we can.

Read on…,rotherham-childrens-services-boss-ian-thomas-to-leave-post_25822.htm

8 thoughts on “Rotherham children’s services boss Ian Thomas to leave post

  1. Lewisham is a solid Labour Council riddled with Common Purpose, as is Ian Thomas – gatekeeping job done at Rotherham – so on to a reward of a safe top job on more money. Virtually the same happened across the road in 1977, same gatekeeping, same Common Purpose.


  2. Will be no great loss feel sorry for Lewisham council only thing Ian Thomas is bothered about is Ian Thomas and I still wonder why he got the job in Rotherham in first place before he took the post up there was rumours of underhand goings on at Derbyshire council good riddance I say may be the next one will do more for the children of Rotherham


  3. Classic Local Authority management parasite, swirls around the pot ’til he gets to the top and then pisses off to another pot where he’ll swirl around until he pisses off again. And all the time the tax-payer receives a mediocre performance from a grossly overpaid ne’r do well.
    And then Leader Reed has the temerity to say “Ian has been a great asset for this Council and Rotherham’s loss is definitely Lewisham’s gain.” – really?, well let’s see what the leader of Lewisham says in 3 years time when Thomas pisses off yet again to another local authority. My guess, he/she will say exactly the same as Reed.


    • Trambuster, Common Purpose is the modern equivalent of the real, old, Masonic Order ! Not “Charity” – simply “look after the boys” – nothing more, nothing less !


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