Freeze for parking fees as footfall slides

Rotherham Council is set to freeze parking fees in the town centre, recognising that footfall continues to decline.

Proposals to amend parking charges in the town centre were brought in during 2016 to “generate additional income in order to help ensure a more self-financing Parking Service which currently has an “underlying budget pressure” of £137,000.”

The RAC Foundation recently published figures that showed that parking operations at Rotherham Council made £496,000 in the last financial year. The authority’s 2016-17 Parking Operations Surplus was 40% higher than the £353,000 reported in the previous year.

Approving its latest budget where £15.1m of savings are set to be made in the next financial year, the authority is set to increase the majority of fees it charges by 3% in line with inflation.

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2 thoughts on “Freeze for parking fees as footfall slides

  1. The decline of Rotherham town centre and reduction in footfall has not just happened in the last two years. It has been happening ever since Meadow Hall was built and accelerated once Parkgate was developed. This has always been a labour town and they simply ignored what was staring them in the face throughout the whole period and continues to stare them in the face. The decline and outcome we now witness is entirely their responsibility but they continue to fail to see.


  2. Farmer Giles
    You are correct in what you say and I also strongly beleive that RMBC Labour Group have an agenda of running Rotherham Town Centre into the ground and making it fully residensial
    In favour of Sheffield being the industrial hub of prosperity that’s why Reed is up the Sheffield leaders back side and sides with all they want look at the farce now with the SCR that’s why Barnsley and Doncaster don’t want owt to do with it


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