Illegal ‘schools’ teach children hatred

Illegal ‘schools’ teach children hatred

● Extremist books preach homophobia● Experts demand change to home education laws

Religious extremists are exploiting lax home education laws to expose children to hate-filled material at scores of unregistered “schools” and secret teaching groups.

Extremist texts seized from illegal schools allege that homosexuality is an “abomination”, that sodomy is punishable by death and that a wife cannot “refuse sexual intercourse without sound reason”.

Boys and girls could marry once they reached puberty, one document seen by The Times states. It also blames rapes on the way women dress, saying: “If a sweet thing is left uncovered, swarms of dirty creatures are liable to prey upon it and corrupt it.”

At least 350 unregistered schools have been set up across Britain, according to Ofsted, the education regulator. Experts say they have been fuelled by a surge in home-educated children whose number has risen by almost 50 per cent in five years to at least 33,000.

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4 thoughts on “Illegal ‘schools’ teach children hatred

  1. And nothing is done about it instead of tackling it head on.

    You don’t need any qualifications to become an Imam. I remember a case where a less able pupil was trained to become the Imam because his father was the Imam
    The boy was barely literate and couldn’t read or write Urdu but it was all rote learning. There was no grounding in academic study.

    It was regarded more important to rote learn the Koran before pupils are 16 and receive a £500 reward from the mosque. It was also deemed much more important than studying for GCSEs.

    Just how do you combat these medieval attitudes?


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