UKIP loses control of Thanet council

UKIP has lost control of its only local authority after Thanet District Council voted for a new Conservative leader.

Last week Chris Wells resigned as council leader when 12 of UKIP’s 25 councillors set up an independent group in a row over the Manston Airport site.

A meeting was held on Thursday for all councillors to elect a new leader.

The UKIP and Thanet Independent groups did not nominate anyone to stand for leader, so the vote was between the Conservatives and Labour.

Bob Bayford (Con) ran against Karen Constantine (Lab), and won by 23 votes to six.

The majority of UKIP councillors, including Mr Wells, did not turn up to the meeting to vote, while the Thanet Independents did not vote for anyone.

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1 thought on “UKIP loses control of Thanet council

  1. Why can any one tell me is Tim Hacker still a UKIP MEP raking in his £86k + Salary + all other perks when he has resigned as a UKIP Councillor how can you resign as a UKIP Councillor because you disagree with them but still support UKIP as an MEP
    It is these people who have made UKIP a total joke and just proves it is all about money not what you beleve in. And this is true of many other UKIP MEPs I think


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