Labour riven by infighting over gender recognition

Labour riven by infighting over gender recognition

Activists divide on issues such as trans women on all-female shortlists

A veteran feminist and opponent of government plans to streamline how people can legally change their gender aims to set up a “new women’s liberation movement” to lobby a future Labour government.

Ruth Serwotka, convener of the Socialist Feminist Network, said she and others on the left had been “frozen out” of voicing their concerns to the party leadership about what they believe would be the impact of the government’s proposed Gender Recognition Act. The act would make it easier for people to self-declare their gender without having to be assessed by clinicians.

Nearly 500 people from Labour, the Greens, the Women’s Equality party and trade unions attended the latest meeting of the group, which took place in London at a location that was kept secret because of what the group alleges is intimidation by trans activists.

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Labour rethink over adviser post for trans ‘witch’ Munroe Bergdorf

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has suggested that Labour is reviewing the appointment of a transgender model as an adviser to the party.

Munroe Bergdorf, 31, apologised after The Times reported that she had labelled a Twitter follower a “hairy barren lesbian” and boasted that she wanted to “gay bash” a television star.

In an interview yesterday Ms Bergdorf said she was a devotee of voodoo and engaged in witchcraft ceremonies. Last week she announced her new role as LGBT+ adviser to Dawn Butler, the shadow equalities secretary, by posting a photograph of herself with Jeremy Corbyn.

The former L’Oréal model, who was sacked by the cosmetics company for saying that “all white people are racist”, said the tweets dated back to 2010 when she was “outwardly presenting and identifying as an effeminate gay male”.

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Labour investigates transgender adviser to Corbyn amid claims she called all white people racist and branded Suffragettes ‘white supremacists’

  • Munroe Bergdorf, 31, was made an LGBT+ adviser to Labour Party last week
  • She was given the role despite previously claiming all white people are ‘racist’
  • The model has now said children should be able to pick which gender they are
  • Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the comments will be investigated

Labour is investigating a transgender adviser to Jeremy Corbyn amid claims she called all white people racist and branded Suffragettes ‘white supremacists’.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell confirmed the leader’s office is looking into the comments by model Munroe Bergdorf.

The 31-year-old was given the role of LGBT+ adviser to shadow equalities secretary Dawn Butler last week.

It emerged today that she said children as young as eight should be able to pick which gender they are so they can ‘be themselves’.

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4 thoughts on “Labour riven by infighting over gender recognition

  1. This is just the tip of the iceberg as it is common knowledge the trans community are frozen out of the local labour party in Rotherham. Sniggering at people in meetings and blocking trans women from standing as council candidates is not what I would expect from a socialist progressive party.

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  3. Its not about race or any of the superficial stuff, its about what martin luther king said of the content of someones character.

    This shouldnt be happening and Labour wards that are openly blocking participation from TV/TS people should be named and shamed and a demo organised against them.


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