Help to spruce-up Swinton at community litter pick

LITTER pickers are invited to join a community spring clean tomorrow (Thursday).

The spruce-up of Swinton will be taking place from 9am to noon on Thursday, March 8.

The team will be meeting at the Grange Road garage site at the rear of Broadway Diner and all are welcome to join the initiative, which is part of the borough council’s Love Where You Live campaign.

Cllr Emma Hoddinott, RMBC’s cabinet member for waste, roads and community safety, said: “Since the Love Where You Live campaign started we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of volunteers who have come forward to help make a difference in their local area – 86,356 bags of rubbish were collected last year.”

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4 thoughts on “Help to spruce-up Swinton at community litter pick

  1. For “Love where you live campaign” read “we are pulling the wool over your eyes, we are taking more and more of your hard earned cash in tax, and cannot be bother to send anyone out to pick up the rubbish”. We then hoodwink members of the public, and play on their goodwill, in order to get them to pick up the very rubbish that we can not be bothered to do. Next year we will again take more of your cash, not pick up any of your litter, and expect you to do the job yourself.
    And just to put the cream on top of the cake, when it snows a bit, we will not pick up your bins for three weeks. The wind will blow, the lids fly open, and hey presto, rubbish blows all over the place. Cannot have members of the public slacking, can we.
    Pray do tell Emma, when it snows next year how are we expected to get three weeks of rubbish in a micro bin.
    Some people rise to greatness, some people have greatness thrust upon them. Others should be locked in a dark cupboard because their thought processes are dangerous.
    To which bracket do you think Emma belongs ?.


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