Ofsted warns of inflammatory books in illegal schools

Illegal schools are operating in squalid conditions using worrying materials including books by people banned from the country, the head of Ofsted told MPs this morning.

Amanda Spielman was asked about an article in The Times on Saturday and replied: “We’ve seen very worrying materials. Books by people banned from entering the country. Books advocating men beating their wives as punishment.”

She also raised concerns about some independent schools operating legally.

She told the Commons education select committee that many of the better known private schools belonged to the Independent Schools Council and that a lot of the smaller ones were special schools or faith schools.

“We have substantial concerns, particularly about the non-special school side of it . . . faith schools across the denominations. The position is as bad as it ever has been and is deteriorating rather than improving.”

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/ofsted-warns-of-inflammatory-books-in-illegal-schools-vxdkx2brw

3 thoughts on “Ofsted warns of inflammatory books in illegal schools

  1. I don’t know of any faith except one that advocates beating wives, has worrying material and books by people banned from the country, so why are we being coy here and saying faith schools across the denominations? Perhaps it’s the Roman Catholics, or the Hindus?
    Enough pussyfooting. Time to shut the places down.


    • My thoughts exactly Joanne ! The giveaway is in the word “illegal” !! Close them down and put those in charge on the Terrorist watch list so they are known to the Rozzers countrywide.


  2. I am not aware of any Christian based faith schools that are illegal (but I wouldn’t know about them, would I?!) – But let’s use the right words to explain exactly what we mean, then we might be able to actually address the problem.


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