Rotherham Council’s litter crackdown continues

Rotherham Council’s litter crackdown continues

Offenders leaving litter in Rotherham are set to be hit with fines of £150 from April with private sector contractors set to continue enforcement through a new shared services model with neighbouring Doncaster Council.

Rotherham Council’s “Time for Action” initiative involves enhanced environmental enforcement to target issues such as littering, dog fouling and fly-tipping. The authority has an environmental crime bill of around £1.7m a year.

As part of a trial, Kingdom Security were contracted in April 2017 to patrol known key hotspots and issue fixed penalty notices to anyone caught committing an environmental crime such as dropping litter.

Alongside the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), the action is targeting Rotherham town centre to help improve the environment and change perceptions.

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Seems Emma has not considered this to be the reason for the drop off in footfall in the town centre and Parkgate?

3 thoughts on “Rotherham Council’s litter crackdown continues

  1. A very efficient way of driving down footfall, if ever there was one. Emma’s problem, is lack of simple political nous. Simply put, she is a liability, why can’t Chris Read see this too?


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