Save the Children ‘failed’ to deal with women’s complaints

Save the Children “failed” to adequately deal with allegations against its ex-chief executive Justin Forsyth, according to leaked documents.

A 2015 report seen by the BBC contains evidence suggesting then chairman Sir Alan Parker’s “very close” relationship with Mr Forsyth may have affected how he responded to complaints.

Three women employees accused Mr Forsyth of inappropriate behaviour, for which he said he had apologised.

Sir Alan said he had nothing to add.

A leaked email from the time recommended that Mr Forsyth should not be alone with female employees.

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Board meeting gatecrasher demands Save the Children chairman quits

A whistleblower interrupted a board meeting of Save the Children International to demand the resignation of its chairman over alleged mishandling of sexual harassment issues at the charity.

Alexia Pepper de Caires, 39, was asked to leave the meeting and attempts were made to stop a fellow protester from filming events as she tried to read a statement.

Ms Pepper de Caires, a former Save The Children employee, has been a leading voice in demanding reform at the charity since events in 2015 which led to the resignations of Justin Forsyth as chief executive and Brendan Cox as a senior director. Both men have apologised for any behaviour which may have caused offence.

A key demand from reformers is the resignation of Sir Alan Parker who was chairman of trustees at Save the Children UK in 2015 and is now chairman of the board of the charity’s international arm.

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