The scourge of forced adoption

‘The UK is the ONLY country in Europe (apart from Croatia and perhaps Portugal) to tolerate the practice of forced adoption’. It is the ‘severing of all contact FOR LIFE between children and their birth parents’.

In effect, ‘a LIFE sentence without the opportunity of being heard by a jury, often imposed on parents who have committed no crime but who are said to be a risk to their children following predictions by “experts” working closely with the local authority’.

Even worse, ‘the UK is the ONLY country in the world to GAG parents who wish to protest publicly when their children are taken’. See Select Committee link of Ian Josephs below.

‘Forced adoption’ is the very well worn and established model that Local Authorities use and not least by Rotherham’s Children’s Services. Ian Thomas has had nothing to say about it. Ever wondered why there are more social workers than there are GPs and Thomas has recruited lots on higher than national average salaries.

Forced adoption targets are set down annually for LAs for ‘adopting children out’ and a ‘bounty’ is paid on each child’s head and comes back in as ‘income’. Heartbreaking cases are happening right under our noses and lives destroyed for good.

A result of tardy and misguided processes with social workers keen to break up famiies by hitting ‘adopting out’ targets, rather than support and remediate for the situations in families may have found themselves to be in.

Processes are less than effective and often are in conflict with protecting childen, they not only destroy children’s lives for good but their birth families including grandparents. Dame Louise Casey had a lot to say about RMBC in her ‘Inspection of RMBC in 2015′, where on page 63 of her report she stated;

“Through their action or inaction, many senior managers and Councillors
have allowed failings to persist over long periods of time “

Thank goodness for Brendan Fleming and Ian Josephs who are experts on forced adoption, secret family courts, British Social Services or social workers or any related issues. They continue to reel against the cruel and outdated methods used and the destruction of children and their birth families’ lives.

Rotherham MPs, Ian Thomas and Gordon Watson say nothing or make representation of families in crisis or offer support. Their silence is deafening. Forced Adoption is acknowledged behind closed doors but no one is prepared to stop the travesties of justice that continue to take place for all the wrong reasons. Casey would be likely to find that little has changed.

If you (or anyone you know) need help please use these details:

Brendan Fleming Lawyer

Ian Josephs

Steer clear of those solicitors on the ‘recommended’ list given out to ‘estranged’ parents by Social Services as these often ‘work hand in glove’ with the council in a variety of ways so be warned.

Speak Out


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8 thoughts on “The scourge of forced adoption

  1. I hope those who have just given a job to Ian Thomas in another LA will read this article and wonder if they have got the correct man for the job !!


  2. Ian Thomas has been failing the vulnerable, taking children away and forcing their adoption, using information presented to the courts, that was of dubious credibility and lacking in professional rigour.
    I didn’t realise Thomas has social work qualifications, he seems to have a history of ‘pretending’ to be one. This must be thoroughly investigated!
    There is a tight time-table for this, as he can be held accountable for his failures foronly a very short time, I believe?


  3. I’m sorry to say, that this horrific business is set to thrive.SYP are currently campaigning for report domestic abuse. All well and good. But, we know too well SYP are here to protect their own ends and RMBC is common purpose. That they are hand in glove. All I see is this is just a campaign to give them more babies to legally kidnapp. One adoption generates at least £400,000.
    All those girls abused while they allowed it, for many reasons, one of them being a bonus, if the girlgot pregnant,
    Idont think you are allowed to instruct an out of area solicitor in childcare cases.As its one of the few things you can get legal aid for, the solicitor is the authorities employee and the families silent assasin.Legal kidnapping is many peoples bread and butter and a few peoples gravy.
    People dont tend to talk about this subject, preprogrammed into believing, the state would not interveen into private family life unless the child is, at risk. A child in Rotherham is an asset, a comodity, and in very real danger of being trafficked by the state if Rotherham Authority want them. They dont have to prove anything. A child can be wrenched from its family and all that baby knows, if they decide, it could be at risk of any abuse in the future. So if you confess, or have been said , to raise your voice, theý can and will, take any child they like. Couple with this the fact, the Chairman of the adoption committee can place a child wherever and with whomever they choose.In 2014 the chairman of yorkshire adoption was also an employee of the MOD and Micŕosoft, had been for 21 years. That in itself speaks volumes.


    • Joe Public
      You can instruct ‘out of area’ solicitors but not if you have already ‘signed up’ to one and often that is one on the LA list. Distraught parents are ofte caught ‘on the hop’ believeing it’s the right thing to do and then shoved through hoops that work against them.
      Remember to sign NOTHING that a social worker asks you to.


  4. The transfer of a human being for measurable income is a good definition of slavery. Social Services it seems area part of a market in human beings so are participants in a slave market.
    Yes, an infant may be going to a good home, that is not the point. The money make it a slave market.
    The power of social workers horrifies me.


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