Council have ignored the tree experts

On Friday I was horrified to see Amey workmen butchering the last four mature trees in Sheffield city centre, at Fitzalan Square.

Amey have admitted that this is to prevent birds nesting there this spring so that the trees can soon be felled.

The council have completely ignored the 2,947 people who signed my Save the Fitzalan Square Plane Trees petition to stop this, and the vast majority of people who commented on the planning application on the Council website.

There is no doubt that Fitzalan Square needs improvements. These should be designed around the precious assets of the four plane trees.

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Video: Pensioner, 74, arrested for ‘witness intimidation’ at Sheffield tree-felling protest

A 74-year-old pensioner has been arrested on suspicion of ‘witness intimidation’ as highly-controversial tree-felling work supported by dozens of police officers and security guards continues in Sheffield.

The man was arrested and had his camera and phone seized by police as tree-felling work was conducted at Abbeydale Park Rise in Dore on Friday.

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