Are the NCA serious about perps in uniform?

With the Daily Mirrors expose of the Telford scandal we now have yet another ‘Rotherham’ to add to the dozens of towns and cities that allowed industrial scale gang rape on the “Rotherham model” to go unchecked for decades.

The authors of the most comprehensive study of the phenomenon “Easy Meat” have suggested the nationwide victim may exceed 100,000. It is certainly now well beyond doubt that it runs at least to tens of thousands.

And everywhere the same pattern. Social workers and police who did nothing, whistle blowers forced out or silenced. And, one invariable feature, no prosecutions of alleged offences by public officials running the gamut from misconduct in public office to aiding and abetting gang rape and torture.

One may say there is still time for Telford but given our experience here in Rotherham the survivors shouldn’t hold their breath. Years have now passed since we learned of the two SYP officers who threatened, in so many words, to hand whistle blower Adele Gladman to the rape gangs, the RMBC manager who ordered a weeping little girl to be handed over to a baying mob of rapists and the theft of the Risky Business files that could only have been orchestrated by council managers.

And still no action against guilty public officials.

I would not wish to deny the progress being made by both SYP and the NCA in rounding up perpetrators but I am forced to question the limits of their commitment. I was for a brief time assisting the NCA in their investigation. They were initially enthusiastic even about information incriminating local politicians involved either directly in sexual exploitation or the cover up. However since I offered up the names of a police officer I believe to be a serial child rapist and an inspector who almost certainly destroyed evidence on behalf of the gangs I have heard nothing more. It is true I did not supply the supporting evidence and that this evidence was in any case “soft” rather than “hard’ in nature but a curious investigator would surely have probed further. Sadly I must question whether, when it comes to perpetrators in uniform, the NCA possesses the necessary curiosity.

Giles Humphry

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