Cash-strapped Rotherham Council to hire £75,000 “change and innovation” expert

COUNCIL bosses are set to hire a head of change and innovation on £75,000 — in a year when 100 staff will lose their jobs.

The new role — described as critical by Rotherham Borough Council — will involve “making savings while driving innovation,” the job advert says.

RMBC approved its budget for 2017/18 two weeks ago, pledging to prioritise social care amid £15 million more Government cuts.

The job advert for head of change and innovation says: “Rotherham is changing. Driving this change is a council that’s passionate about putting Rotherham on the map for all the right reasons.

“Now you’ll take us even further by bringing the same commitment, tenacity and ambition to this critical role.”

Read on…,cashstrapped-rotherham-council-to-hire-75000-change-and-innovation-expert_26037.htm

9 thoughts on “Cash-strapped Rotherham Council to hire £75,000 “change and innovation” expert

  1. Er, just a thought, but isn’t it the role of the Chief Executive to innovate and introduce change into his/her organisation?
    Just thinking out loud there.


    • Eghh? RMBC selection processes simply maintain the status quo.

      They couldn’t recognise talent if they were handed it on a plate let alone know how to set down criteria to achieve it.


  2. If anyone was under any doubt regarding the level of incompetence within RMBC then the appointment of another senior officer on a salary of £75k proves that the place is badly managed and led.

    All senior officers should have this role as a key part of their job description.

    Officers are taking the mickey and the members are so out of their depth they are powerless to stop it.

    Yet another waste of our poll tax money.


  3. I could drive change and innovation in just a day in Riverside. Give everyone 30 seconds to justify their job, any that can’t get shown the door.
    The rest, tell them they’d better stop tossing it off on the rates and come up with 5 ideas a day to make Rotherham a better place, if they don’t then get them out the door too.
    They’d think Roger Stone was Santa is I was in charge.


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