Plans to speed up police’s 101 number on hold

SOUTH Yorkshire Police could be forgiven for putting their new computer system in Room 101, as problems persist in efforts to speed up the response to their 101 hotline.

A new computer system designed to cut out the long delays callers have endured since the non-emergency number was launched was due go live in the next few weeks.

But it has been delayed because of technical difficulties.

SYP have been working on the new Smart Connect system for two years to replace outdated software, which is partly blamed for callers to 101 facing long periods on hold.

Read on…,plans-to-speed-up-polices-101-number-on-hold_26068.htm

5 thoughts on “Plans to speed up police’s 101 number on hold

  1. “But it has been delayed because of technical difficulties”. After nearly 45 minutes of trying to get through I gave up. If it’s not considerably improved most people will simply not bother with it.


    • Ginger Nut: You mean don’t report it and let the criminal get away with it?
      That might be your plan but it’s not mine. The Nut part of your name should be emphasised.


      • Now, now, now, don’t be rude when giving your point if view. It does you no good whatsoever.

        SYP fail miserably in everything they do. You only need to check that out.

        I wouldn’t call them out in the event of a murder as they are so grossly incompetent, aren’t
        even aware nor do they care.


  2. So, let’s say they are proposing a 20% improvement – that would be great news for malcontent – only 36 minutes to wait.

    Oh, yeah, I forgot, he hung up after 45 mins. Hmmmm perhaps the rozzers were just about to answer the phone then – let’s give ’em the benefit of the doubt.

    So, great news all round then!!


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