Can anyone tell us what’s going on here?

Dear Friend

I am writing to make you aware of a report being launched today by Just Yorkshire titled “Understanding and assessing the impact of Rotherham MP, Sarah Champion’s comments in the Sun Newspaper on 10 August 2017”.  It is referring to the interview I gave on Radio 4 and the article I wrote in response to the conviction of the Newcastle child sexual exploitation grooming gang in August 2017.

I was mortified that The Sun twisted my article and then the following day referenced it in a hate-filled article by Trevor Kavanagh.  As a consequence, I stepped down from my Shadow Cabinet position and circulated an apology (included below) through the Council of Mosques to members of Rotherham’s Pakistani community as I was deeply sorry for any hurt or adverse reaction I had inadvertently caused them.

My article was seven months ago.  The report by Just Yorkshire is based on an extremely limited survey, distributed and promoted through networks that are not made in any way clear in the report. It lays the blame for the hate crime faced by the Pakistani community, past and present, at my feet.  They are entitled to their opinions but it is disappointing they did not consult with me over their findings or give me the right to reply before the report was circulated.

I am elected to represent all of Rotherham and I am very proud that the town has once again united as one community after we discovered the full horror of child sexual exploitation.  I do not see how a report using highly provocative language against me aids us as a town or aids me to represent all of my constituents.

I am expecting a strong response to the report, which is why I wanted to contact you directly.  Please be assured that I will continue to be your representative. I will not cease my fight to prevent all forms of child abuse, nor my opposition to hate crime and racism. I will continue fight to bring justice for the victims and survivors in our town and to strengthen our community.

Kindest regards

Sarah Champion MP
Member of Parliament for Rotherham

7 thoughts on “Can anyone tell us what’s going on here?

  1. A particularly unpleasant report from a totally discredited organisation, its misogynistic overtones are worrying and threatening.

    Sarah Champion more than any other MP has done more to work with all communities in Rotherham, well done Sarah Champion!

    You really do have to wonder just who is behind this so called survey and why?

    The Rotherham Bradford blog was nasty, this survey and report takes being nasty to a new level.


  2. Sorry, yes I found a link on the same page. Initial reading and reaction is that the attacks on individual residents and incursions by far right groups are regrettable. But the moderate white community in Rotherham also has a say in this (I am not sure they have been consulted by JUST). Many moderate NON Pakistani residents of Rotherham have asked the far right to stay out of our business but we have also, repeatedly, reiterated our desire to support the Pakistani muslim community in addressing cse. And we have called on them to address it. If they would only show some signs that they are serious about addressing it ! I have yet to see it taken with any degre of seriousness or humility. Instead this bleating report hides behind the “islamaphobia” sloganeering when legitimate and truthful concerns about what is going on with a particular community need to be expressed. Despite the context of SCs article it put the finger on a truthful aspect of the cse phenomena: that there is particular prevalence of this unacceptable behaviour in one particular community. That is the salient issue and all else is peripheral. The timing of this JUST report with further revelations about Telford shows an utter lack of self aware examination nor humility from the Pakistani community. It bleats about SCs need to engage Pakistani community leaders but SCs attempts to do this predate the Sun article by many months and, as far as I can see or have experienced, met with what can only be described as a pathetic head-in-the-sand response (I refer to the before mentioned faith leaders meeting attended by only two low-level muslims out of around 16 people – I am unaware of any parallel Pakistan/muslim leaders meetings that SC has either had or attempted – perhaps she can let us know more?). The Pakistan community has simply got to stop pretending that, en masse, they are the victims here!! While there have been some regrettable individual incidents, the real mass of victims are vulnerable white girls.
    I also have some questions whether SCs article was really “twisted” to a great extent. It basically pointed to the main issue. I suspect she was made to step down for politically expedient reasons but I continue to admire her efforts to speak out. Overall, however, It is laughable that the Labour party, in any shape or form, think they are in a position to address this issue given the appalling record of many Labour councils in ignoring cse. Unless there is open acknowledgement of the main issue we will never address it. The JUST report is a massive step backwards in this regard.


  3. Looks like it’s targeted preparation to get Sarah Champion out and install ‘one of their own’ IMV.
    The profiles of the JUST Board leave a lot to be desired and are Rotherham ‘rooted’.

    Strange that no one seems to know about the consultation.

    The methodology and evidence in the report are glaringly weak and if I was Sarah Champion I would be consulting Steel and Shamaz forthwith. She will have more support than she may realise.

    In addition, it may also be an attempt to try get someone in to the new Innovation and Change post going at RMBC.


  4. Well let’s face it this is what you are going to get if you poll Sajid Bostan’s friends. A recent commentator decried a cultural explanation on the grounds that sex offenders are despised in all communities. The problem with that claim is that Asian victims of abuse who come out are commonly ostracised by their communities whilst the perps are not. And in our case the Rotherham rape industry was organised and protected by key community leaders with the widespread knowledge of men in the community. So one must asked if in fact our local community as a class do in fact abhor this abuse and why those who do amongst them won’t stand up to the pro rape faction whose cause this report serves.


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