TRC told to improve after Ofsted finds students ‘not progressing’

THOMAS Rotherham College has been told it needs to improve by government inspectors, who found students were not progressing as expected.

The Moorgate Road college’s overall effectiveness was rated as “requires improvement” following an Ofsted inspection in mid-January.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare was the only area to be rated “good” at the 1,548-pupil college, which converted to an academy last November.

Malcolm Fraser, lead inspector, said: “Leaders, managers and teachers are not held to account sufficiently for their own performance and for the outcomes for students

Read on…,trc-told-to-improve-after-ofsted-finds-students-not-progressing_26112.htm

1 thought on “TRC told to improve after Ofsted finds students ‘not progressing’

  1. OFSTED are a criminal outfit! How do you force adults to learn if they don’t want to? Teachers teach, that’s it!! They do not climb inside student brains and force them to absorb their teaching! Learning is 100% the sole responsibility of the student. It is time that the students who are only there to pick up the money are required to show sufficient progress at each stage of their course, or lose the money and, if things don’t improve, the course itself. OFSTED awarded a “Good” rating to Rotherham College in 2013 when they were fraudulently giving students the answers to exams, and fiddling the registers so that it appeared students were studying more courses than they were, (and claiming the funds for it!


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