A New Beginning for Rotherham Politics

I have after a good deal of lobbying and soul searching decided to retain Rotherham Politics as the main scrutiny blog for politics in Rotherham. Hope I have not confused too many readers, sorry, Rik.

10 thoughts on “A New Beginning for Rotherham Politics

  1. No problem Rik

    Your contribution to scrutinising these self serving parasites has, and will always, be greatly acknowledged and indeed greatly appreciated.


  2. Can our Councillors grow a back bone and sort these council officers out ? where you not elected for this ? best of luck Rik with this blog .


  3. Both locally and nationally we need blogs like this, the Labour landslide at the local elections did not materialise, Momentum failed spectacularly to get the Labour grass roots vote out, anti-Semitism in the Labour party was used by the MSM as a stick to beat Corbyn with over his pathetic handling of some very nasty individuals within Labour, and the Tory’s go from strength to strength.

    And the best Momentum can do is shout Gammon at the political right wing.

    Is it correct that May has made an individual from the DUP with alleged leanings towards terrorist groups a Peer?

    No, that surely must rank as fake news, that would never happen given the Tory stance with John McDonald’s comments?

    So Rik, we do need to keep the spotlight on all politicians, keep up the good work!


    • Albion you are right about the need for blogs like RP. Politicians of all colours need scrutiny to keep them on track.
      Should readers wish to establish their own blogs and need help I am prepared to offer all the help and advice they might need. Rik


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