Frozen: Taiba Yasseen, Rotherham’s Princess Soya Loses Cabinet Post

RIP Taiba, known as Princess Soya due to a lack of personal political flavour or opinion.

Instead soaking up and reflecting whatever flavours benefit her political ambition.

So, in Rotherham she is Taxi driver royalty, retains her Facebook friendship with nasty soul uncle Jahangir Akhtar and, sources have her discussing political philosophy (call it Machiavellianism) with pantomime villain and former Council Leader Roger Stone.

Then she goes to Calder Valley and Pudsey seeking a Labour nomination as prospective parliamentary candidate, and suddenly she is born again as Momentum. Sadly, she fails, just as it seems she failed to tell most of Momentum Rotherham that she is a member and comrade: Strange that.

So here is the puzzle.

We have an extremely ambitious young politician, who is suddenly dropped from the Council Cabinet. Costing her what I think is around 50% her £26k per year in Councillor allowances.

Worse, she loses from her CV the valuable claim of being a Cabinet member, and now must say “former” Cabinet member; begging the question at every interview of Why former? In answering she will be fearful of the numerous people watching her response, and happy to give the real reason.

Yet all is quiet, no tweets, no Facebook comments from the normally vociferous Princess.

Nor has a reason has been given by Council Leader Chris Read, not even a thanks Taiba for all your “hard” work on behalf of taxi drivers and landlords. In fact not even acknowledgement that she’s gone, merely a statement naming her successor with a bit of green added on to the portfolio as camouflage.

I think I know the reason, but Chris Read being an honourable person and wiser politician than given credit for, won’t ever tell the story. Expect, if the Advertiser asks, the reason given is along the lines of she “wants to spend more time with her family” or the ubiquitous “personal reasons.”

Personally, I don’t see how they can keep the lid on the real reason so this one will run and run.

Wil Ewart

6 thoughts on “Frozen: Taiba Yasseen, Rotherham’s Princess Soya Loses Cabinet Post

  1. Wil,
    Where did she get the 141.000 from Sept.2016 to purchase The Cross Keys Public House,Moorgate Street which is still boarded-up?
    According to the Land Registry(28 Nov.2017) she also owns 24 Broom Road

    Her full name is: TAIBA KHATOON YASSEEN


  2. More to the point, what does she (or her sugar daddy backers) intend to make of the old Cross Keys ? Just out of interest does anyone know who lives at 24 Broom Road ? The address rings a bell but I can’t quite think why ?


  3. Wil: “Personally, I don’t see how they can keep the lid on the real reason so this one will run and run.”
    What is the REAL reason?


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