Rotherham council leader urged to reconsider approach to One Yorkshire devolution

The leader of Rotherham council has been urged to reconsider his “apparent reluctance” to join a wider Yorkshire devolution deal.

Stewart Arnold, leader of the Yorkshire Party, wrote in a letter to Chris Read that the recent Sheffield City Region mayoral election showed people in Rotherham favour a ‘One Yorkshire’ deal.

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6 thoughts on “Rotherham council leader urged to reconsider approach to One Yorkshire devolution

  1. Chris Read is a little man who is frightened to be a little fish in a big pond ! The, so called, “consultation” put out by RMBC about the Sheffield City Region was a complete farce and a sham as virtually no one knew about it or responded to it ! Grow a pair Read and have a Borough wide vote on Rotherham following the One Yorkshire option. I believe a large majority would vote in favour ! The alternative would leave the town high and dry and with nothing ! Remember Mr Read WE EMPLOY YOU, not the other way round !!


  2. I voted in the recent South Yorkshire Mayoral election and I agree with Stewart Arnold’s comments in the Yorkshire Post article and have commented in the past on this blog in support of devolution for Yorkshire.

    I also live in the Rotherham borough and feel that Chris Read, Leader of Rotherham Council, is trying to “have his cake and eat it” regarding his approach. How can he believe it is acceptable, following the election of a Mayor for South Yorkshire earlier in May, that any funding drawn down should be used for Rotherham and Sheffield only – what about Barnsley and Doncaster Councils both of whom had already indicated their support for a Yorkshire-wide devolution? Chris Read (and his pal, Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield Council) should understand that South Yorkshire consists of FOUR Councils and not just the two he refers to!

    Any funding that comes to South Yorkshire MUST be used to benefit all four Councils prior to a Yorkshire devolution deal and I believe this is what other Councils within Yorkshire would feel is appropriate. If Chris Read feels that he “could compromise” over a devolution deal then acting in the interests of fairness in South Yorkshire from the very beginning would prove to be a decent and very good start to future progress.


  3. What all this says is that Read has had enough of Rotherham, craving a bigger job in SCR asap. And the Yorkshire deal does have some big problems, if four councils cannot agree how do you expect lots more to agree with different economies and needs and involving the Tories and LibDems. This will not be easy!


  4. Chris Read has more political nouse than he is given credit for. But young newish leaders can only move at the pace of their troops, and being frank Rotherhams councillors are not particulalry well educated or cosmopolian in outlook.

    Here we tend to find ourselves grubbing along in the gutter , trying to find a few crumbs that will stave off the councils budget problems. There isn’t really any vision, sense of the future or optimism for what could be if we had regional governement.

    Also we have to apply some cynicism toward a government whose major drives have been towards saving not spending. So while they offer some cash up front for regionalisation, it is may disguise a desire to make future cuts that will be presented as a responsibility of the new regional government.

    Personally I would take those risks and push for a one Yorkshire government….but it would be naive to not beware of greeks (tories) bearing gifts.



  5. Cllr Reed should most definitely support a Yorkshire wide deal. I fail to see any reason why anyone wouldn’t.


  6. If Cllr Read is unable to move the matter forward then he should step aside and let Leader in waiting Beck take the helm, that is unless Cllr Beck gets the safe Rother Valley seat when it becomes vacant.


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