Cabbie deemed unfit can carry on driving

A taxi driver ruled unfit to carry passengers by one council was allowed to continue working in a neighbouring area despite having been accused of waiting in his cab outside a swimming pool wearing only his underpants.

Gurpal Atwal, 46, until recently a Labour councillor, can drive cabs in Leicester even though the city council is aware of concerns that led Oadby and Wigston borough council to deny him a licence last year.

Andrew Norfolk

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2 thoughts on “Cabbie deemed unfit can carry on driving

  1. The above report shows all that is wrong in deregulating the Hackney and PHV industry ! The Government should grasp the nettle and introduce a new set of Regulations which EVERY Licensing Authority MUST adhere too. It must include strict DBS checks and regular , random , vehicle checks to ensure that all Licenced vehicles are fully roadworthy. It goes without saying that there must be an English Language test, Local Knowledge test, and the Operators must be limited to the geographical area within which the License was issued !
    The “Deregulation” idea has undermined all the efforts made by RMBC to rid the Borough of the Omni shambles which was their own Licensing Service prior to the Jay and Casey reports! Indeed the revamped Service should be the Gold Standard for Operators and drivers throughout the Country !


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