South Yorkshire continuous fire service shifts ‘unlawful’

Cost-cutting shift patterns which see some South Yorkshire firefighters working four days and nights in a row are unlawful, the High Court has ruled.

The shifts can mean firefighters working 96 hours of continuous duty, with nights spent at their station.

They were introduced at four Barnsley stations to cut costs by £1.6m a year Read on…

3 thoughts on “South Yorkshire continuous fire service shifts ‘unlawful’

  1. I’m delighted that the FBU has won this historic and ground breaking legal fight, bar none, and I hope that now the SYFRS and the SYFRA will engage on a positive level with the FBU to ensure the job of protecting our communities, saving lives and preventing, removing risk is the number on priority.

    Well done FBU!


  2. HR advisors have shown incompetance together with the fire chiefs and the senior members of the authority.

    The leaders of the council are stuck on silent mode.

    Meanwhile they continue to risk public safety by their ongoing cuts.


  3. Did we hear the true cost of the amount of public money spent on this issue at the meeting yesterday. No doubt it will emerge, and soon!


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