Sansome: “I love lollipops, me”


Swinton has found its newest lollipop lady in the form of Mr Stuart Sansome.

Building on his previous community work, Stuart began his apprenticeship last week and is on track to be working Swinton’s crossings inside 6 Weeks.

Stuart said:
“This week I have been shadowing more experienced lollipop persons and next week we are going to be training with the lollipop stick. I know it will be tough but Ik ow Im ready.”

Council-officer-Joe said:
“We know Stuart is great with this kind of thing, he’s keen as mustard and he’s been at it everyday- his wife even tells me he’s been practicing with the washing line pole in the back garden.”

Mr Sansome is expected to be on the roads in the next few weeks.

5 thoughts on “Sansome: “I love lollipops, me”

  1. His safety record at the steelworks was abysmal. We spent the best part of 30 years keeping him from harming himself and others and now hes entrusted with Swintons kids.

    I hope this doesnt go badly but I fear the worst.


  2. How low have Rotherham police become, couple of weeks ago I was walking through eldon Rd Park, a young Roma girl aged about 13/14yo came out of the bushes upset fiddling with her clothes, followed by two Muslim menin their late 20’s, I didn’t have my phone to hand so I went straight to Parkgate for security, within minutes I spoke to security and there was also police there in a shop, security ran to fetch then came a few minutes late totally disgusted, two officers one taking a statement the other a female officer playing with her personal mobile texting told security “it’s nothing to with them ring 101, the potential sexual assault or rate of a child is nothing to do with police, how low came police become, these two so called officers want naming shaming and sacking, all this is recorded on Parkgate security records, who still talk how useless the Rotherham police are and incompetent at tattling crime.


  3. He goes past every mirror asking to himself
    “who loves ya baby?”

    This bloke is let loose to run riot on council. Hes the biggest bully in their creche.


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