Leftwingers heckle during Jowell silence

Left-wing Labour activists disrupted a minute’s silence held in honour of Tessa Jowell during an ill-tempered party meeting, according to reports.

A female heckler was said to have shouted that Baroness Jowell, who died this month, aged 70, from brain cancer, had voted for the deaths of thousands of people, in an apparent reference to her support for the Iraq war.

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/leftwingers-heckle-during-jowell-silence-t2mwvjw20

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2 thoughts on “Leftwingers heckle during Jowell silence

  1. Thats par for the course these days, bunch of junk so-called-left wing fascists in disguise shouting in meetings and think because they are ‘left wing’ they can be racist.

    Ged dempsey in wath is a classic example of a racist and anti-Semite who masquerades behind this left wing bull crap. Unite has gone to the dogs because of him.


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