Advertiser’s week

MP John Healey: ‘HS2 will be all pain and no gain’

By Antony Clay on Fri 08 Jun 2018

MP John Healey says South Yorkshire will get “all the pain and none of the gain” if the proposed HS2 route ploughs through the county without including a stop on the mainline.

Read on…,mp-john-healey-hs2-will-be-all-pain-and-no-gain_27393.htm

Lawyer blasts Home Office for creating ‘hostile environment’ in Rotherham

By Adele Forrest on Thu 07 Jun 2018

A LAWYER and racial justice campaigner has spoken out against the Home Office for creating a “deliberately hostile environment” in Rotherham.

Read on…,lawyer-blasts-home-office-for-creating-hostile-environment-in-rotherham_27408.htm

Fracking firm Ineos wins appeal to drill in Harthill

By Gareth Dennison on Thu 07 Jun 2018

FRACKING firm Ineos has won its appeal to drill a 2,800-metre exploratory well at Harthill.

Read on…,fracking-firm-ineos-wins-appeal-to-drill-in-harthill_27397.htm

Hate letter delivered to Rotherham Muslim

By Dave Doyle on Tue 05 Jun 2018

New “Punish a Muslim”-style hate letters have been sent to three people in South Yorkshire — including one in Rotherham.

No sentence cut for child predator who groomed 14-year-old girl

By Admin on Tue 05 Jun 2018

A SEX offender who groomed and abused a vulnerable 14-year-old girl has failed in a challenge to his eight-year jail term.

Read on…,no-sentence-cut-for-child-predator-who-groomed-14yearold-girl_27336.htm

2 thoughts on “Advertiser’s week

  1. “all of the pain and none of the gain” ? Please explain , Mr Healey, the gain of knocking 20 minutes or so off a train journey to a distant city in the age of instant communication via the Internet ???? Why support HS2 at all when it is simply a failed “vanity project” set up by the equally failed Cameron / Osborn brothers ??


  2. HS2 a total waste of time, the money should have been spent on repairing the roads and improving the current rail infrastructures, well that horse has bolted and it is not going to happen, this is what happens when you allow out of touch politicians spend our tax money.

    Not read the Advertiser for some weeks now, anyone seen sight of a letter in the paper from the Rotherham Council of Mosques supporting the efforts by Churches across Rotherham to secure ongoing funding for the support of victims of CSE?

    Has the Advertiser given any in-depth coverage of why Cllr Read is reluctant to move on a one Yorkshire deal, maybe an interview would be helpful?

    If Cllr Read does not have the courage and vision then he does need to admit that he is out of his depth and make way for Cllr Beck who is alleged to have the backing of a growing band of followers to topple Cllr Read, the plotting and manoeuvring going on within Cabinet and on the back benches makes for interesting times.

    Is the Advertiser monitoring the quiet but effective campaigning going on by the Tories to take the Kevin Barron seat?
    They made inroads at the last GE and have sights on using the changed demographic to their advantage and are confident that they could take the seat as they did the Mansfield seat.


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