The fight continues for Learning disabled

Received this from an anonymous contributor:

Dear Councillor

According to the agenda that has been published on the Council’s website in advance of the Council meeting on 27 June (agenda item 10) Council is asked to note the minutes of the Cabinet and Commissioners’ Decision Making Meeting held on 16th April, 21st May and 11th June, 2018.

At the Cabinet and Commissioners’ Decision Making Meeting, which was held on 21 May (minute number 148) it was resolved  (1)  That the draft Learning Disability Strategy and future stakeholder engagement be approved.

According to the Council’s Scheme of Delegation for Members and Officers (appendix 9 to the Council’s Constitution) certain matters are reserved to full council.  These include 5. The preparation of strategic plans across the Neighbourhoods and Adult Services directorate which provide a long and medium term strategy for the development of Neighbourhoods and Adult Services, consistent with the overall policy framework of the Council.

By any measure the Report entitled The Transformation of Services and Support for People with a Learning Disability would appear to amount to such a medium term strategy and consequently should be a matter that is reserved to full council and not approved by the Cabinet and Commisioner’s Decision Making Meeting.  I believe the failure to require approval of the Report by Full Council is unconstitutional and may place the Council in legal jeopardy.

My interest in this matter is that my sister attends the Oaks Centre and will be affected by the proposals.  If the Council is acting unconstitutionally then we reserve the right to challenge its decision.  I am sure you will share my concern and that of other interested parties, including service users and their families and carers.  You may wish to seek your own assurances that the Council is acting constitutionally in regards to this matter.  I have copied in to this email the Chief Executive Officer and the Council’s Monitoring Officer.

Yours sincerely

27 thoughts on “The fight continues for Learning disabled


    PICKET at Trades for Labour Event

    Ok folks, I am in the unfortunate and regrettable position of being caught in the middle here. Obviously I don’t believe Labour councils should be making cuts like this which target vital services to those least able to fight back, but I was also asked to do the fundraiser on the 19th July before any of this blew and I don’t pull gigs because it’s an act of faith.

    So here I am stuck between needing to be in that room to sing and being in total agreement with your proposed protest and picket of the event under the circumstances.

    So my question is what can I do to help?

    Happy to raise this issue through the mic inside.

    Let me know what I can do.

    Joe Solo

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  2. Rumours last nite in town that media researchers have been following unfolding story and doing a ring round.

    Likely that camera crews will be on scene very soon.


    • David Roche is his ex pupil Chris Read’s nodding dog and both of them should hang their heads in shame, Closing centres is to deny the disabled and importantly, their huge infrastructure of carers.

      So much for them demonstrating catholic values that Roche would have pushed when he was headteacher of Pope Pius (now St Pius).Clearly this had no effect on on his ex pupil Read whp pushes him around.

      Targeting the most vulnerable in society is cheap,nasty and abhorrent. This will sorely bite them in their backsides along with pseudo Deputy, Gordon Watson. Oh and don’t forget Read’s pillow sharer, Clumpy Hoddinott.

      Note the fence sitters are quiet, a trick learned from Healey the ‘expert splinters in his backside’ MP. Barron is doing the same and Champion couldn’t make a decision in her life. None of them realise that this is not just about ‘buildings’ but the impact upon the disabled and their carers who live across all constituencies.

      I hope Labour cllrs show some back bone for a historic change and vote against the closer of centres.

      C’mon Roche show some backbone.


      • Alas there will be no vote. Councillors will simply nod through the Cabinet decision. Let’s see how many will look the service users in the eye while they do so and how many will keep their heads down.


        • What we have here is a case of more cutbacks because that is all that the present capitalist system can offer. Then we have one capitalist group (momentum) blaming another capitalist group (blairites). None offer any perspective beyond the current capitalist framework of erosion of the conditions of the majority. Socialism or barbarism, there is no third way.


  3. I am in utter dismay that a Labour Council can show so little regard for LD/disabled ♿ persons as to propose to close their Day Centre’s, being a carer I understand what these centres mean to the service users I would advise as many people to attend the meeting on the 27th June and show your support against closure of any of the centres in Rotherham


  4. This is about LD service users.

    Its time that cllrs examined their consciences and looked at them selfs in mirror and stopped this madness.

    Its causing the vulnerable families hell and its unforgivable.


  5. If the content of the e-mail is correct then the Council have a bloody big job on to answer peoples concerns.

    Ignoring a concern will allow it to grow bigger and to gain traction like never no more, this town is finished with that type of politics…Cllrs are there to listen and if they are not carrying out that basic function then I can assist.


  6. Judge your politicians by their actions, on one hand you have Read allowing elected members to take a basic £11,471 per annum for not even bothering to attend meetings etc. and then you have Read as Leader who will fully support the closure of disability centres across the borough.

    Has the man no empathy with the parents and carers?

    Closing the centres and reducing respite care is cruel beyond words, the alternative solution being offered by Labour controlled RMBC is not fit for purpose and will push parents and carers to the brink.

    I note the lack of visibility from Barron, Champion and Healey on this one, are they supporting RMBC or the parents and carers?


  7. To do nothing will be seen as condoning the councils action. The very least we should all do is be outside the town hall on Wednesday at I pm and give our support to the good people fighting to preserve the centres .


  8. They walked back into their jobs after CSE and basically being told they were not fit to run a council, as if it was nothing to do with them?
    They don’t turn up for meetings, they allow private companies into Rotherham hospital
    and don’t defend service cuts –
    talk about nodding donkeys…


  9. The bunker is a crowded place. Cllrs and MPs are ignoring many constituents valid concerns.

    Many decent party members both locally and nationally are appalled at what Rotherham Cllrs have been doing towards the most vulnerable in our community.

    They are certainly not acting in the party or membership or electorates name. They are doing it in a personal capacity at best.
    It is a disgrace and its the latest thing to stain our town. The common denominator is its the most vulnerable victims again.

    They must see sense before wednesday.


  10. My daughter attends Addison Center and I have regular contact with quite people with learning disabilities, their parents and relatives. The proposals to close all the current services, to save money, has had a devistating effect on some individuals. The majority have no idea and are not able to understand that they will loose their valuable services and contact with their friendship groups and the staff.

    Councillors are expected to be active in their local community and act as the voice of their constituents. They will be under intense scrutiny to ensure that they support the interests of people with learning disabilities who are facing FORCED changes!

    Our relatives do not have a voice and most do not vote or unable to vote – they are a soft targets for cuts to services. Many of these individuals, who will loose both their residential home and day care, do not have parents or relatives to support them.

    Please, please come to the Town Hall at 1:00pm on Wednesday 27th June and show your support.

    Thank you.


  11. Reliable sources on social media state that Cllr atkins of Wath has said he will be voting with his council cabinet and officers to close Wath Oaks. And closure of all other LD facilities in Rotherham.
    ignoring the ground swell of opinion in Wath and rotherham to oppose the closure of the LD facilities.







  13. Reading the comments, people constantly ask where are our MP’s, what is the common denominator. The answer is simple, its a labour authority and they do what they want, because you allow them to. You keep voting for them! Whose fault is it?


  14. Sad to say that Momentum has failed spectacularly to address the Blairite culture of the controlling Labour group, they had the opportunity to place heartless, snout in the trough Labour Cllrs under pressure and deselect them, instead with their fingers in their mouths looking like rabbits caught in headlights they have given the likes of Atkins a free pass.

    I fully expected that Momentum would organise in each and every ward and make a difference, instead they stand by, colluding by their lack of action with cuts and attacks on the vulnerable by well remunerated Labour Cllrs, they should hang their heads in shame.


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