Sandwell leader told press ‘we don’t use confidentiality agreements’. His family member had one

Sandwell Council (SBC) leader Steve Eling was at the centre of controversy when, after being the subject of an attack by a Tory MP, he told local press in the West Midlands that the council did not use confidentiality agreements with departed staff.

The SKWAWKBOX subsequently published a copy of a confidentiality agreement that explicitly linked a financial payment to a requirement on the recipient to maintain confidentiality.

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Pinched from Skwawkbox

More Proof of Eling’s Lies!

There was panic at the Oldbury Kremlin yesterday when a national media organisation threatened to publish a major story relating to Steve “The Milkman” Eling’s (aka Elying’s) bizarre lie (when he was savaging James Morris MP like a crazed stoat) that the bullsh*tting bolshies don’t use confidentiality agreements/gagging clauses when forcing staff out the door (usually with us taxpayers easing the pain with 40 pieces of silver.) The highly controversial Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour, threatened legal action to prevent the excellent story coming out. As yet, the organisation has not published.

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