Sheffield pub has perfect response after parent asks to come inside with disabled son

A Sheffield pub had the perfect response when a parent asked if he could bring his wheelchair bound son inside.
The Barrel Chapeltown took to Facebook to reveal how the man came in and asked if they would be allowed to remain in the pub.
He warned staff that his child ‘sometimes makes loud noises and waves his arms about’, and that people have ‘made comments’ in the past.
In an emotional post on Facebook, the pub said it broke their heart that a parent would need to ask if they could bring their child inside.

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5 thoughts on “Sheffield pub has perfect response after parent asks to come inside with disabled son

  1. Congratulations to you on your wonderful warm welcome to and respect for those who are disabled (and their carers) . And respect to you for your wonderful attitude, you restore my faith in humanity.


  2. This is one of those stories that is truly heartwarming!

    Rotherham Council, at it’s meeting tomorrow, is set to ‘rubber stamp’ one of the cabinet’s
    decisions. This will destroy at a stroke, those essential services for the learning disabled.
    David Roache’s attempt at justification was threadbare and outrageous in the circumstances.
    David Roache should hang his head in shame and resign forthwith.


  3. This Council is evidently still ‘not fit for purpose’ when it comes to those without a voice.
    We must lend them ours tomorrow!
    You are right about the need for a resignation from David Roache!


  4. Will the areas three Labour MPs be supporting RMBC in closing the centres?

    The next test for the gang of three is to see if they will campaign to stop Rotherham hospital from forming its own private company and then transfer ancillary staff onto new less favourable terms and conditions contracts within the new company

    Its alleged that they may well have already been briefed by the hospitals top, very highly paid pen pushers and have taken the bait hook, line and sinker!

    The mediocrity of our three MPs has no bounds.

    As a matter of interest will the hospitals fat cat directors be transferring to the new company as it is such a good idea and will bring untold benefits to patient care?


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